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2020/6/18 104 min.


As usual with the Italian horror serie that is called The Searchers, The Whisker Away on Ipanema Beach plays a vital role in keeping the plot going. Here is the main story; an American girl, Audrey Hay, is on her summer vacation on the Spanish Island of Ibiza. While there, she meets Robert Redford who works as a director of the famous club in Ibiza called The Searchers.

Redford is really the British director of the famous club. He is an ex-adventurer and has been working for the club since time immemorial. Having made many movies and documentaries on his adventures on the Searchers Island, he is the perfect choice to play the part of a director who does not want to go on with his days' journey.

The Searchers is a television series which starred Tony Reid. However, it did not really make much of a lasting impression on audiences in the United States. It was a hit on the other continents because of its amazing storylines, compelling characters and a good mix of supernatural action and suspense.

Also, The Whisker Away is a remake of the film A Whisker's Away. And as this is what we call remakes, both A Whisker's Away and The Searchers have the same cast in their respective remakes. Thus, the story is almost identical.

So how does Robert Redford come to be in this movie? Well, he played another role, the manager of the theater in the famous city called Monte Carlo, France. He played the role of Lucrezia Borgia. Redford also worked with Cindy Crawford, a singer who is supposed to play the role of Audrey's friend.

I can't understand why the story goes from the two films The Searchers and A Whisker's Away. What is there to be surprised about here? In fact, it's just the usual Italian horror remakes.

However, I am totally blown away by the acting of the Italian actress Veronica Zapponi as Audrey's friend in The Searchers. And that is the only real difference between The Searchers and The Whisker Away. And as you can see, The Searchers has nothing to do with A Whisker Away.

But I must say that if you are looking for a great movie that will keep you mesmerized for long, go for Ipanema Beach. It is one of the best-looking Italian horror movies I have seen in my lifetime. However, it is not for those who don't like suspenseful movies.

Original title 泣きたい私は猫をかぶる
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