Furtive (2020)

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2020/8/6 84 min.


A lot of people are under the impression that stealth is only a tool that's used by spies and terrorists. While this type of disguise is certainly used in many ways, stealth is far more versatile than people think. A few of the more common types of stealth that can be done are listed below:

Well hidden, mysterious stealth (particularly covert, elusive and well-disguised movements). Furtive are very discreet when you think about them. They can hide behind objects, conceal themselves in shadows, or use other tactics to avoid being seen. Some of the most popular uses of furtive actions include: undercover surveillance, political assassination, infiltrating a group, or concealing yourself while on vacation or at home. This type of disguise can be a little tricky to pull off, but if it's done right it can make all the difference.

Covert: Covert actions can be carried out in many different ways. For example, a person can be seen doing something they aren't, or wearing clothes they aren't in. Another type of covert action is known as stealth infiltration. This is the type of disguise that can be carried out through underground tunnels. It's a great way to get a job, hide from authorities, or conduct espionage for your company.

Covert communications: There are several ways of carrying out covert communications and disguising yourself. Some of the most common methods of concealing include: cell phone signals, hiding messages in emails, using prepaid phone cards, or sending text messages while driving. This type of disguise is often used by those that need to communicate secretly with someone close to them, like spouses, business partners, or parents.

Concealment: Sometimes military operations can get very secretive and there's always a risk of getting caught. When this happens, the best thing to do is dress in such a way that others don't know that you're hiding out or going about your usual routine. One of the most common ways to disguise yourself in this situation is to use camouflage clothing.

Stealth and concealment don't necessarily have to mean that you're hiding. Sometimes furtives involve showing up on time, doing your job, or just going to work. A great disguise is one that makes you look like someone else. In order to do this you should wear the same clothing you would normally wear, but with a little difference in the way you put on your hat, shoes, tie your necktie, or put on your sunglasses.

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