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You must survive. 2020/6/24 98 min.


I got some emails asking me what is the difference between Serie A movie. So I put this as my topic.

A movie is a book based on a movie. These movies are almost like an alternate world for the audience to have their own experience of the story, with movie stars being some of the actors. The two most common types of film franchises today are the John Carter of Mars movies and the Terminator films. However there are lots of other good examples of movies to choose from.

A TV series, also known as a serie, is a group of popular TV series that is created to be aired at the same time. Television series are divided into series, specials, movies and non-films. Several serie programs are broadcasted in different parts of the world, while some serie programs are only seen in some countries. One of the best examples of a serie series is the Fox Network, which consists of the four popular American TV series "The X-Files", "Fringe", "Timeless"Wayward Pines".

I'm sure you've heard of some movie that was cancelled by the film studio before its theatrical release. Or maybe a series was cancelled because they were not popular enough and it was financially impossible to continue the production. But what's the difference between a serie and a movie?

A serie is still a movie made according to the rules and principles of filmmaking. They are actually filmed in a studio where all the costs of the production are met and the actors and actresses who are part of the serie get paid.

A movie is a work of entertainment that is made by a company under a specific contract between the producers and the film company. The movie studio does not help the producers to make the movie or to distribute it, but the movie studio does help the production to be completed and to the distributor to pay the costs of the production.

So why do people ask me what is the difference between a serie and a movie? To be honest, the difference between a serie and a movie is something that most of us don't really understand - though I think we can tell when one is about to go on sale and the other isn't.

Sometimes serie are licensed and allowed to be shown in the US market, but sometimes they are banned and shown only in the original country. Series are not allowed to be made in the USA because they are against our copyright laws, but other countries may allow them. As for movies, they are not allowed to be made in the USA for the same reason.

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