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2020/11/13 120 min.


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Well, I am not. There are a couple of reasons, but one big reason why I am not going to wait for the Ammonite movie trailer released yet. In fact, today, Ammonite is getting sold faster online than it is in the movie theaters! I think that is a clear indication that a lot more people are going to be seeing this movie, and that is good news for Ammonite distributors like myself.

Ammonite is a mining town located on England's southeast coast. It became a major center for the production of tin, steel, and iron. The mining output of these three metals contributed much to the economic prosperity of Ammonite in the later part of the 1800's. By the end of the Victorian era, the town was bustling with activity. By the start of the 1930s, the population of Ammonite was swelling because of the influx of steelworkers coming to the city in search of jobs.

As the industrialization of the area continued, more was demanded from the miners and the industry itself. This demand was met by the development of a number of new industries including, but not limited to, pottery, clothing, tobacco, lead avers, shoes, glassware, lintels, ironmongery, plaster, rubber, locomotives, and steel. This influx of wealth created a significant amount of new business opportunities, and the industry came to enjoy good prosperity for many years. By the start of the 40s, the wealth of the community was beginning to pale in comparison to the rest of England's towns and cities; and this was why, when the playwright's J.M Barrrie and A.S. Byfield were invited to write a play based on their community, "Amonite", which would be produced in London, they chose to write a play about the Ammonite mines instead of staying in their hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon.

It was then that a mining accident occurred at the Ammonite Works in Avon that claimed the lives of thirty-nine men who were working. This tragedy prompted the government to establish the Benevolent Societies of the United Kingdom (BUSA UK) in order to help the local people of the community by donating a portion of all money earned from the mining operation to them. The most popular of these charities are the "Amonite Speaks" Foundation, "The Children of Ammonite" (C.O.U.E.) and "The Mine of Ammonite". These three organizations, however, have not been without conflict.

Recently, a feature documentary was released called "The Singers of Ammonite" that dealt with the musical and cultural history of the town of Ammonite. While watching the film I was fascinated as it depicted all the different historical events that took place in the community and how all of these things came to be. All of these events were chronicled through the work of Ammonite Speaks and C.O.U.E. and even featured some of the longer works of A.S. Byfield.

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