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One of the most commonly used genres in television and movies, the Antebellum period in American history, included everything from public theater to vaudeville. From its origin in early America to its rise as a popular culture, the history of the movies is now explored in such documentaries as, Antebellum, the history of the movies, The History of Horror Movies, The History of Documentaries, The History of TV, The History of Film Making, Antebellum to Musical Biography, and A History of Music Boxes.

To show the gradual changes that occurred over time in the growth of the theater industry, the Antebellum period included a variety of formats including the musical, vaudeville, and public theater. As different types of entertainment became popular, they allowed people to experience different things in a wider range of settings. The popularity of the revival of the vaudeville genre in the early part of the century is also examined.

Many movies made in the Civil War and the Antebellum period were never made into successful films. Films made during this time are usually not exactly of high quality, because the standard of the time was less than high. Due to the fact that there was so much competition in Hollywood, many of the vaudeville acts could not survive. These films included; Old West Show, - featuring Gable, Preston Tucker, Bogart, and the legendary Charles Bronson - as well as; The Slave Master, - starring Gregory Peck and John Gilbert - and; Glory, starring William Powell and Vivien Leigh.

Because of the emphasis on historical events, there were much revisionist history and partisan political views included in these types of films. Some of the most influential movies of the Antebellum period were The Grapes of Wrath, Huckleberry Finn, Gone with the Wind, and The Birth of a Nation. This was because of the increasing popularity of segregation, and those who supported such practices.

In the later years of the Antebellum period, a number of actors did not last long enough for their careers to take off, and therefore they were often portrayed in movies. Most notable of these was, Jason Robards, who played the role of Han Solo in Star Wars.

The New Era of the 21st Century is marked by a focus on technology, particularly in the production of movies. If the first half of the twentieth century was characterized by the big screen, the second half has been defined by the small screen. The use of computer animation is the latest technological advancement, and it has allowed filmmakers to create realistic looking pictures.

An Antebellum film is being featured in the New Era of the 21st Century. The documentary, A History of the Movie, explores the history of horror movies, including what type of horror movies were produced during the Antebellum period, what types of movies were made during the time period, and how horror movies were depicted in the movies.

The period of the 1830s is a very important period in American history, and the many famous actors that starred in those days, like Lon Chaney, and Louis Armstrong, remain in the hearts of movie buffs. Some of the most notable actors of the Antebellum period are, Van Johnson, Anthony Quinn, and Fess Parker. A New Era documentary is a great way to learn about the history of the movies, and an interesting way to learn about many of the most famous actors.

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