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Crime knows no borders. 2020/5/5 115 min.


The movies of Little Rock, Arkansas, the film industry is expanding. Everyone from the singers to the actors are getting their start in the "Movie City" of the South. Here are some of the hottest stars to choose from, at the highest prices, in the latest addition to the company's series, Movie Town.

Don't call this the Serie of Five. There is an exciting season of Hollywood "celebrities" from Arkansas' number-one city...

The Serie of Five takes viewers back in time to our youth and young adulthood. We find our four-hundred and forty-fiveth state representative, Sonny Perdue (Clare Coleman), a little boy who just wants to be a doctor. Or, as he calls himself now: a doctor who loves dinosaurs. After catching the eye of Dr. George Lantos (Bill Hader), his career takes off and Sonny's not at all concerned about becoming a congressman. Just to see if he can and he succeeds.

Eddie Schwartz is a thirty-three-year-old advertising saleswoman who has to overcome her initial nervousness to try out for the fledgling rock group. Lead singer Eddie Bonfiglio (Robby Benson) is a kid who enjoys playing guitar and doing drugs and our heroine, Genevieve (Janelle James), works at a motorcycle store and seems more interested in making money than being there. The four of them meet and fall in love. Then everything gets terribly wrong. Eddie commits suicide and Genevieve becomes the target of a murder plot.

Purr-fect! Although there was some confusion with the spelling of Genevieve, it is actually Siva and not Viva. I guess we were unable to keep that one straight from the last few films. This is one of the best characters of the Serie of Five. She's very vulnerable and a victim of all the problems she faces. For a movie of this type, I was surprised that the actors were able to give such a perfectly authentic performance.

Bringing the real life problem of depression and suicide into the world of entertainment is a very good move. This is a serious issue and a lot of life and death situations could be seen on television. A movie like this makes it possible for people to know that we are not alone in this situation and the hopelessness and hope we have is much stronger. A better approach could have been to show depression or suicidal thinking in a non-sensational way, rather than focusing on it with no resolution.

It is also interesting to note that fans of the series of Five would be happy to know that, if they were in any of the scenes, those scenes will be in a deleted scene. Those scenes are only a few minutes long and of no significant substance. But let's face it, any scene that contains comedy and emotion will have plenty of criticism. It was made to be enjoyed and has to be as such. I would have liked it if the movie had been made in a two-hour format and had the same effect. In addition, the great majority of these scenes do not take place at a real location, so fans of the series of Five are not missing anything at all.

So, I guess, the next time you watch the Serie of Five, be sure to check out this wonderful film that is bringing the tragic and hilarious tale of Arkansas' oldest city. The best part about it is that there is a scene that is one of the funniest I have ever seen in a film...and I have seen a lot of them.

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