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Artemis Fowl (2020)

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Remember the name 2020/6/12 95 min.


The Robin Hood movie Artemis Fowl is an action/adventure based on the popular series of Robin Hood serie. In this movie, the serie explores a place where heroes come to challenge evil forces. This movie is a great choice for you who like to watch action and adventure serie.

The serie is very good, so I decided to go back to the story line. I thought it will be a good experience. So I watched the first movie serie and watched the second movie serie.

To be honest, I didn't find the second serie interesting. And I think I'm glad about that. In the second movie serie, it became a bit boring as well. In this second serie, the storyline became a bit similar as the story of the previous serie.

When I think about this serie, I felt disappointed. I didn't find the serie interesting. So I try to watch the third serie. In this third serie, the story became even more dull and same like the story of the previous serie.

From now, I need to go watch some serie that is not like the first and the second. For example, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Aeon Flux, The John Smiths, etc. Those had much better plot line.

In my opinion, this is a good serie. But I still feel bored when I watch it. So I want to watch something else that has more interesting plot line. For me, the third serie is a good choice.

But the third serie is still not that much interesting. The problem is that the plot line is way too similar to the previous serie. It's just not that funny anymore. You can't really notice how much plot lines are similar with each other because most of the storyline is the same.

At the end, I don't really think that you will enjoy watching this serie as I did. For me, I'm still going to watch the fifth and the sixth serie.

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