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Barbie: Princess Adventure (2020)

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2020/9/1 72 min.


After an eight-year break, Barbie: Princess Adventures returned to television in 2010 for a second season. With a new storyline focusing on a secret villain, this new season featured many more action and adventure than ever before. The show continues to be a hit with young girls everywhere and is one of Disney's most successful cartoons today.

Beginning with the classic story of an Andersen fairy tale, the show returned to the classic princesses stories of yore and became a modern interpretation of an Andersen fairytale. Using traditional fairytale elements such as a happy ending, a magical kingdom, and the arrival of a prince, this show featured a more adult style of animation than its predecessors. The show continued to focus on the relationship between Barbie and her three-dimensional sister, Kenzi (played by Ashley Tisdale). This show also incorporated some new cartoon-style elements such as a time line, several new animated sequences, and even live action videos to give the story more realistic and exciting features.

Despite the fact that the show features an all new storyline, Barbie: Princess Adventures still has much of the same great characters that have made it popular over the years. Each season brought more of the show's famous sisters into the fold including: Kenzi, Kenzie, and Mary Jane. These iconic characters are still present throughout the show and each provides its own unique personality, strengths, and weaknesses. There were also two new recurring characters introduced to the show in the form of Kenzi's brother, Joe and a group of pirates called the Skulls. In addition to these, this show also featured appearances from numerous famous Disney Princesses such as Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty.

The new season also added new sets to this popular series, which included jungle environments, exotic locations, and even more adventures than ever before. Season four added the Jungle High, Jungle Cruise, and Jungle River to the mix, and provided Barbie with an entirely new set of clothing for the season.

In addition to the new season, a new show, Barbie: The Movie, was released. This feature-length animated film follows the story of a young girl named Mandy who escapes from a mental institution and is forced to become a member of the Royal Court of Paris. Following this, she becomes the Queen of the fairies in order to compete against other queens throughout the land.

This new movie and the season that came before it continue to fuel the popularity of the Barbie franchise as a whole. Each season has been incredibly popular among young girls and continues to gain in popularity every year, making it an excellent choice for any young girl to add to their collection of favorite Disney favorites.

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