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There's no place like home 2020/3/14 92 min.


Before the Fire is an upcoming American thriller film directed by acclaimed director Charlie Buhler, who also wrote and produced the film. The film follows an aspiring Hollywood starlet whose career is shut down when an influenza epidemic forces her to return to her hometown she fled many years before.

But she soon discovers something much worse than any flu: a group of ruthless hooded vampires intent on stealing her identity and using her talents for evil. When she falls in love with a local boy she has trouble keeping her identity a secret from him because he's a fan of the vampire series Twilight. Soon, after, though, he's murdered and all her friends are dying one by one. As the blood of a recently dead vampire is found in the boy's belongings, a young man (Ethan Embry) realizes that there is more going on in his hometown than meets the eye.

Buhler said he was inspired by his own experiences growing up in Chicago during the late '60s, when he saw how gangs helped to save families and communities while also helping to change their lives forever. He wanted to create a story about how these same people were forced out of their home because of the violence and poverty that came along with it.

While he admits that he didn't have any idea how to write or direct a film when he began, Buhler did spend several months writing the script before hiring a writer to do the film's adaptation. One of the greatest things about this type of script is that it's often self-contained. If a reader only sees the story through the lens of one character's viewpoint, they can read the movie in a way that will be very familiar to them. Buhler wants his audience to feel like they've been a part of the action, but that the story isn't over until they're ready for it to be.

Buhler has had a number of films produced. They include A Place Like This, about the discovery of a New Jersey prison in the late nineteenth century, and The Last Detail, about a former Marine who survived the Civil War and returned to that war's battlefields. Before the Fire won't be released until late next year, so fans should get started looking for more information and casting soon on the web.

Buhler will start filming before the summer and release the film in early 2020. No set date yet for the DVD or other media formats. In the meantime, you can find news on the prequels to Before the Fire online.

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