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Besides his in-depth and wide-ranging research and commentary on one of the most fascinating and thrilling series ever made, Charles Barkley gives a quick overview of the topic of breaking surface. Just like every other aspect of the film, the topic of Breaking the Surface is also used to define the concept of awareness, but this time in a different way. This DVD is geared toward children, but still, as a whole, it's a more educational and insightful DVD than many that it may be compared with.

Breaking Surface is based on a bestselling book by John Hughes, and is actually a sequel to the movie in some ways. The whole concept of the movie is that breaking the surface happens in children's bedrooms, when they're listening to loud music, or using strange voices, or acting out of character at home. The resulting problem is that they don't understand what's going on, they don't know who they are and are just simply left feeling uncomfortable and lost.

In the story of Breaking the Surface, you will see that in real life, in just about every teenager's bedroom, there is a "surface" somewhere that they feel comfortable, at ease, and that most likely no one else has ever seen. These surfaces can be walls, curtains, furniture, clothing, you name it. It could be anything. This is how people communicate to themselves.

What really happens in the movie is that kids have been conditioned by a variety of media and events to believe that only things that are bad are ever visible to them, and that things that are good or beneficial are not even noticed. Since so much of their world is saturated with bad things, they do not have a hard time accepting everything that happens around them as bad for them.

But what's wrong with this concept of breaking surface? Why is this not a good way to handle your child's bedrooms? As an educational DVD, it is especially informative because it introduces children to the concept of awareness, as it applies to the behavior and thinking process of a child.

When you teach children the concepts of awareness of themselves, you prepare them for adulthood and make them aware of themselves at a much higher consciousness level. They are then ready to learn something new, that their peers and parents may be able to easily handle and understand.

But the break between the pupil approaching this consciousness level and the actual breakthrough at which he or she can go beyond what you have taught them is called the breaking surface. This occurs in a movie where the pupils can barely understand what's going on in their room, and the final outcome is that, after they look up and notice all the various things they didn't understand, they finally find a way to stop being bored and to actually enjoy their new freedom.

Breaking surface in the movie can also be considered as a metaphor for any number of situations that occur throughout the day, where you get bored, and want to stop being bothered. So, whether your kids are suffering from anything in their life, are waiting for a promotion or another thing to happen, or want to express themselves in their bedroom, breaking surface is something that you can use in your home to help and educate your children in a more positive way.

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