Captain Underpants: Mega Blissmas
Captain Underpants: Mega Blissmas (2020)

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2020/12/4 45 min.


Captain Underpants: Mega Bliss is a very funny online film directed by Greg Garcia, who did the similar video game adaptation with Beyblade: Metal Fusion. The plot is about a fat kid who gets turned into an angel after accidentally killing his dog, thus gaining superpowers. He teams up with some other unique characters, and goes on to save the world. Some of the highlights are an all-star supporting cast featuring Ed Norton and Maya Rudolph, and even cameos by famous celebrities such as John Tutturro and Ed Harris.

I am not going to go into the details about the movie plot, because it really doesn't need to be explained. What I will tell you is that it is one of the most enjoyable online flicks you'll ever come across. The storyline is so funny and entertaining that it makes you want to click on the next tab in your Internet browser to watch the next one. The online fan forums even have discussions about which film is better, MegaBlast or Captain Underpants: Mega Bliss.

What is also interesting about this film is that it spawned a franchise of online videos. These range from videos discussing the movie itself, to elaborate game reviews and things of that nature. The fans of the film enjoy playing these games, which I think is quite awesome. If you are unfamiliar with online viral marketing techniques, I highly suggest you check out what the creators of these videos have done with them.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the film. The online clips were quite funny. I especially loved watching the dogs chasing each other on the basketball court. They were fast, fun, and effective. You would think they would look more realistic, but they looked just fine. The online community is really nice and helpful.

Overall, I would recommend this to people who like silly movies and animated web videos. I know there are some parents out there that might not like this one, but that's fine. I would still urge parents to watch it with their kids. The main character Captain Underpants will definitely entertain children of all ages. If you have kids, this is one of the best films you can put together.

The only complaint I have is that there wasn't enough Captain Underpants videos when it came to online distribution. The online release is actually the same length as the movie. While this isn't a big deal, it's important to note. As a result of this shortcoming, I am still waiting for the Captain Underpants online video game. Hopefully it will be soon.

Original title Captain Underpants: Mega Blissmas
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