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Christmas Crossfire (2020)

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2020/12/4 105 min.


A story about a Christmas Crossfire is about as classic as they come. Two young people are forced to work together on a case. A kid named Mikey tries to rob a store for his friends but gets stopped by his older brother Dufleur who wants him to go to a Christmas parade instead. The two brothers then team up and become the best of friends. But when their boss decides to fire them, so do their good times get ruined?

The movie starts with an innocent looking young girl named Ariel waiting for her father to come home from a long day at work. A man she has just met attempts to rob her store but is foiled by a police officer who is assigned to the case. Ariel then runs away with her friend Miri who is also waiting for her dad. Shortly after the girls run out of the store, a Christmas Specter randomly walks into the store and starts shooting. Ariel and her friend manage to escape while Miri is left in serious physical danger.

Since Ariel is still deeply in love with her father, she does not want to hurt him. So she runs away and finds her friend Miri who has taken refuge in a local church. Ariel then tries to convince the priest that she should be allowed to stay in the church instead of staying with her friend. But since Ariel is the same woman who tried to kill her father, the priest refuses to give her any chance to discuss her case with the congregation.

Based on the true events, Ariel and Miri must race against each other to solve the mystery and figure out who is behind this attack. Although it has a happy ending, I can't say it satisfied me. I felt the movie did not go into detail enough regarding the relationship between the boys and the girls in the end. I also felt there was not enough development with the characters so most of the movie was wasted.

If you are planning to watch Christmas Crossfire online, you might as well know that it only contains two endings: a happy one for Ariel and a tragic one for Miri. The online version doesn't have any other endings. It's understandable why Disney would limit the number of endings available in an animated film.

Overall, Christmas Crossfire is an okay movie. I think the director did a good job in presenting it. However, I would not call it a great movie. I wish there was more development with the characters but overall it will only be a good choice if you are familiar with the Christmas story. Otherwise, I think you will be able to find another movie better suited for your tastes.

Original title Wir Können Nicht Anders
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