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Copper Bill (2020)

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This heist ain't their first rodeo. 2020/9/30 84 min.


The movie "Copper Bill" is a fun film starring Ed Harris and Dabney Coleman as two thieves who travel across time and space in order to retrieve a fortune that was stolen from their ancestor a century earlier. Two thieves try to steal $80 million from a ranch owned by a recently deceased member of the wildly famous Cowboy Mafia family. As the story unravels, we find out that the owner of this fortune has placed a series of hidden treasures throughout the land that need to be found and brought together by the thieving pair. The wealth in this case spans over many generations of families, all of whom have kept the secret of their existence from each other up until now. When the thieves finally reach the ranch, however, they realize that not only does the owner keep this wealth concealed from them, but also that he is looking to hire three new thieves to go along with him on his trip.

When the thieves arrive at the ranch, the owner is waiting outside with two men, identified as Doc and Bob, who are there to investigate the heist. While waiting for the thieves, he warns them that if they try to pick up any of the copper bills from the heists, he or she will kill them and take their share. So the two thieves, armed with their stolen wares, sneak up on the house while the doc and bob are in the car and unaware of what's going on. Once inside the compound, the three thieves try to pick up one of the copper bills, but they quickly learn that it's locked behind a locked door.

In order to gain access to the key that will allow them to gain entrance to the compound, the thieves break a window by leaning against an iron bar against the inside of a nearby window. They manage to push through a thick layer of wood and open the iron door, allowing them to see the copper bill resting on a table. However, just as they reach the bill, it suddenly explodes, sending the two men tumbling to the ground. The scene then cuts to Doc lying in bed, having lost all his memory due to the extreme amounts of blood loss.

Years later, Doc is living alone in an assisted living facility. He's working hard to pay off his debts, but he still longs to do a simple job like riding his bike or taking a hike. One day, he goes out with his friend Sandy and they plan an easy job for Doc: rob a bank. The heist goes well until a masked figure jumps out from behind them, pointing a gun at them and demanding they hand over the copper bill.

With the help of a few other criminals, the heist goes smoothly and the criminals walk out of the bank with the copper bill in their possession. However, the owner of the bank, afraid for his life, dials the police and have them surrounded the area. Before long, the police are able to apprehend the thieves. Thanks to the quick thinking of a police officer named Vince Faraday, the heist is brought down, but not before Doc gets his chance to plead his case against the thieves.

Although the story line may look simple, it's actually quite the opposite. The true story of the Copper Bill heist involves months of planning, intense planning, and countless hours of nonstop work. It also chronicles the character traits of Doc, a true "how to" man who doesn't give up easily, and his determination to give the thieves who steal from him, and the bank that employs him, some serious homework. I was impressed by how much research went into the making of this movie, which makes the ending of "The Copper Bill" just as amazing as the events that unfold in the film.

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