Cosmoball (2020)

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2020/8/27 115 min.


Cosmoball is the first online adaptation of a live action comic book. Cosmoball is a new take on the Cosplay, which is quite popular among the online sub-culture of cosplayers. Cosmoball is an evolved form of Cosplay, which combines the two. Cosmoball is a website dedicated to a Cosplay show that was broadcast in YouTube channel, featuring the Cosmoball crew as their characters. The Cosmoball show is made up of five main characters; there are Yuriyko, Antiphol, Anatoliy, Maxim and Arkhang.

Cosmoball was created in 2020 by Yuriyko, a famous cosplayer, who wanted to create a web series to be viewed by his many fans. The first season ended with the group traveling around Russia and visiting places of interest. The cosplayer's friends helped in putting the Cosmoball shows together. In later seasons, Cosmoball went through several revivals. The most recent season is called Cosmoball 4, which is the story of another team travelling around the World to prevent evil.

Cosmoball also features some of Russia's greatest heroes - the officers of the F.S.R. and the Cosmonauts. Cosmoball has taken the internet by storm. The Cosmoball website, which is the only official website for the show, features interviews with the actors, behind the scenes action from the filming, photos, behind the scenes looks, and information about the merchandise available. There is also a section where visitors can place their Cosmoball online auctions to bid on different items.

The Cosmoball TV show itself has gained popularity not only in Russia but also all over the world. In April 2020, Cosmoaball became the first ever channel on Vneshek radio to air a reality show, hosted by Cosmoaball co-owner Maxim Sarnikov. The show became so popular that it moved from weekly to daily programming. Since its inception, Cosmoball has been featured in several other shows on different radio and television networks.

Cosmoball has also formed several co-working groups, including a group of cosplayers who enjoy creating cosplay drawings based on characters from the Cosmoball show. They have also formed a Cosmoball club, inviting cosplayers from Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia to attend a meeting in London each month. The group meets online and meets at an agreed place, usually a coffee shop.

Cosmoball has also produced its own movie, filmed in Moscow and released in theaters around the world. The movie is directed by Antonia Oschepkov and written by Yana Grishelova. The movie is intended to be a sort of follow up to the Japanese sushi bar Crunchies, although the movie makers say that there is no relation. According to review websites on the internet, Cosmoball's movie isn't too good, and many say that they had expected something much better. The movie has become known for it's use of computer animation rather than live action, although some say that the style used is comparable to that of the earlier Japanese manga/cartoon series Dragonball Z.

Original title –í—Ä–į—ā–į—Ä—Ć –ď–į–Ľ–į–ļ—ā–ł–ļ–ł
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