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The High Note (2020)

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You've got to start at the bottom before you take it from the top. 2020/6/10 113 min.


"The High Note of Spring" is a breathtaking song from "The Book of Love", the first episode of the serie. It is sung by Lisa Coleman and is a great example of how TV serie can introduce a new artist to its audiences.

The Song: It's an original song from the serie, made by Will Pryce. It's the first song in the series that has a catchy melody. It is not a perfect example of television serie but a good example of how they use songs in their serie for their success.

The Music Video: One of the things that made this song so appealing is the perfect use of music in the movie. There are some really nice background tracks, mostly used in the first scene of the movie. The music is great, more so than the normal animated films. I guess it is to increase the appeal of the songs when combined with the animated movies.

The Voice of the actor: "The High Note of Spring" was performed by Mike Hedges, who is known for his role as Charlie Bronson in the serie. He is a great talent for his acting skills, which he showcased in the show. He gave a very good performance in this show.

"The High Note of Spring" is a great introduction for the title character of the serie. The style of it will create a great impact on the audience and will make them want to see the rest of the serie. Also, it is known that most movie serie, especially serie that introduces a new artist, have a catchy melody to attract the audiences.

It is one of the first TV serie that using music in their serie. It uses the best songs in their films and this way it won't be surprising if a non-fanlikes this serie. This is also one of the great serie to introduce an artist to the audiences.

Another reason why "The High Note of Spring" is a great serie is because it has a great theme for its serie. It's one of the kind of shows that are created to create some type of musical theme for the whole serie.

By creating a musical theme for the whole serie, the creator of the serie can use different styles and genres to show the different moods of the different characters in the serie. It is also a great example for how to use music in serie to create a mood for the viewers.

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