Cranston Academy: Monster Zone
Cranston Academy: Monster Zone (2020)

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Keep the door closed... 2020/4/29 80 min.


From the talented director J. Wes Watson comes Cranston Academy: Monster Zone, an animated science fiction thriller written and directed by him. The film centers on a young boy who lives on the wrong side of the tracks in the center of Cranston City in the year 20erton, and is obsessed with monster stories. When his best friend dies in a freak accident, the young boy flees to New York City in order to get back to safety, but soon he gets lost along the way. He ends up in a monster-infested territory where he has to fight off the monsters that have taken over the area.

As soon as the movie begins you will immediately recognize some of the familiar faces from the Harry Potter series such as Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, andvoiceovers such as Ian McShane and Dawn French. It is hard not to be impressed by what the movie has to offer, but it doesn't end there. After saving the city of Cranston, Max must continue on to the outskirts of the city to find the final monster and stop it from hurting the humans. Along the way he teams up with other survivors and must battle other strange beings, the likes of which include giant insects and a robot who attack humans. The fighting scenes are thrilling, and the special effects are effective without being over the top.

While it is easy to assume that the story of the movie is just based around children, anyone who has seen the Harry Potter series should know that the locations in the movies are actually based on real locations. This makes the movie more true to life, something that many of us cannot say for the Harry Potter books. However, the visual images of the monsters in Cranston Academy: Monster Zone is very similar to what we see in the books and are extremely imaginative. The kids in the movie will also enjoy the great villain roles, especially Tom Cruise as Dr. Henry Jekyll, and Shia LeBouf as Rollo May. The fight scenes between the creatures in this movie were particularly well done and will keep children interested.

Those who want to explore the exciting world of the future will enjoy watching this movie online free. There are two ways to watch the movie: on the computer, or on your HD TV. You can choose which one you prefer. You can also listen to the sound track on your phone or portable media player. All in all, this is a fun and entertaining movie for all age groups.

If you like the idea of learning about the paranormal while experiencing it in your own home, then you will absolutely love this movie. Cranston Academy: Monster Zone is sure to become one of your favorites when it comes to summer movies. This one just might even make your kid go gaga over the thought of being a doctor. You should check it out. It could be just what you are looking for to help your son or daughter kick their nasty habits for good.

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