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2020/5/28 90 min.


"Dead Water" is the fourth book in the Serano Saga, a work of fiction written by Joe Nickell and a participant in the Doomsday Book Club. It was released into the public domain in 2020 and has been quite successful on the shelves of the American Kindle Store.

There are eleven chapters to "Dead Water", the first part of the trilogy, and all of them are equally interesting and all of them are popular with readers. It can be said that Dead Water is the "novel equivalent" of Joe Nickell's previously published "Chronicles of the Necromancer". Both novels contain an overarching plot and some characters, but each book tells its own story.

Chapter one tells the story of The Necromancer, while chapter two is a short tale that reveals how The Necromancer had become known as The "Dead Water". In chapter three, we see the character Eneesh playing chess in the street with two friends. After that he goes to a bar and sits down. He and his friends then go to the computer games' store.

After the last scene, we see several people waiting for him at the restaurant, although none of them looks like his main characters. These are the protagonists of the next novel, "Necromancer". The narrative then describes how these characters meet again.

In his books, Joe Nickell uses the World of Warcraft online game as a story tool, but this time he also uses his imagination. The storyline is presented to us in the form of the game and has been said to be the closest one yet seen.

There are gold farming, factions, and quests to perform and even challenges and battles to take part in. In this way, "Dead Water" can be compared to any other fantasy novel written so far in the genre. The difference is that it also contains a story about a virtual world.

The virtual world of Warcraft, called "The Dead Zone", is described as being the alternate dimension of a game character called "The Necromancer". According to the legend, the Necromancer as a result of participating in Warcraft fights a battle with a dragon, makes a pact with the dragon and even becomes a member of the royal family.

The real mission in "Dead Water" is to find out more about the Necromancer and his earlier history. The author cleverly uses the internet and all the information available on it as a means of telling a story. Although this novel was published in the twenty-first century, it is still of interest for gamers who have experienced it and learned from it.

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