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"What a shit show!" 2020/12/27 71 min.


The new movie of the year is Death to 2021. Directed by none other than Guy Ritchie, the film promises another hilarious and exciting movie filled with all those wonderful aspects we've come to love from the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Bill & Ted, or even Bridget Jones Diary. But if you think it's just another comedy aimed at adults only, then you haven't got a clue about Death to 2021. In fact, the film has managed to score some major award recognition including an Oscar for Best Picture at the recent ceremony held at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre. If you thought the movie was just another funny one about the rich and famous, then you are definitely going to be surprised at this one.

Death to 2021 is about a young girl who is thrust into a high-stakes mission when her father is killed in a car crash. He leaves her with two teenage girls who are in a terrible state of confusion and danger, while also trying to deal with the grief of his untimely death. It is this intense yet comical movie that makes it truly a delight for everyone to watch. Not only is it incredibly thrilling to watch someone murder another human being with their own bodies, but watching them get away with it until they get caught is even more fun!

The movie revolves around two high school friends, Cameron, played by Rosa Salazar, and Grace, played byizons wife, Jefeleths, are thrust into a world of intrigue and danger. Grace and Cameron, as their names suggest, are enemies and have been fighting since grade school over a boy named Jacob. They have been on a constant warpath ever since, and now one of them must travel to another world where the two are to become allies. I have to say, watching this movie was like spending some one-on-one time with your favorite sibling. There is so much that goes into a movie, and if you pay attention to what is happening, you are going to enjoy it.

Speaking of enjoying it, the movie is loaded with humor. The characters are very funny, and the director and screenwriter knew just what they were doing when they created the witty dialogue and great onscreen chemistry between the three leads. They made use of a variety of funny scenes throughout the movie, including a car chase scene with the three leads, Jacob, Cameron, and Grace, as they travel from the present to the future. This scene reminded me a lot of the famous scene in Star Wars where the Emperor tases Luke in the beginning of Return of the Jedi. The funny thing is, the Emperor isn't really torturing Luke; he's just waiting for him to make a mistake so he can kill him. In this movie, the three leads perform exactly what they do in the movies, which is to get killed by evil forces, but at the same time, they have to save the day.

The Erwin Brothers had several other successful films after making this movie, including I Know First, which was largely ignored by the critics and moviegoers. However, the public always seemed to forget about this movie once the credits finished rolling. Death to 2021 did not perform in the same way as its predecessors, nor did it receive the critical acclaim that is typically reserved for science fiction or war films. However, Death to 2021 did become one of the more beloved comedies of all time, which makes it a definite must-see film on any list of the greatest comedy movies of all time. Of course, the real draw to Death to 2021 is its excellent cast, led by recognizable stars like Steve Martin and John Tutturro. These actors put on one of the best performances in movies history, and the film itself is filled with memorable one-liners.

With a strong script and fantastic performances, Death to 2021 manages to entertain its audience in an intelligent and entertaining manner. If you like watching blockbuster movies that star some of the best actors around today, then you'll love this movie. It's not just a spiritual action film with a strong Christian slant - Death to 2021 has funny moments and a lot of laughs, but also has strong social messages that would appeal to a wide variety of viewers, not just the die-hard Christians. The Erwin Brothers, with their extensive body of work, is capable of producing great films - whether it's a family comedy with a romantic comedy, or a religious-based drama - so if you haven't seen it, make sure to check it out. It's an absolute must-see movie!

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