Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna (2020)

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2020/2/21 94 min.


At last season of the television show "Digimon Adventure: Dawn of Determination" has concluded, now the season two will begin. It was already a great season but now it'll be even better. In this series, it has also been possible to have an online television series since the first season began.

This summer season is going to be more exciting and good than before since it has been allowed to have an online version of the anime series. The first season was live-action, since there were no such events to be seen in the anime series. If this season will be more entertaining than that one, then it can be the best season ever. Here are some important things that you must know about this season.

First is that the main character of the series is the cute-looking Makai Knight which is called as the "Dawn Warrior". It was known from the very start that he is not a "human" so that it would have been more natural to have another character in the main cast. Also, it has been revealed that Kizuna, the son of the Digimon world champion, will be the new protagonist in the series.

The series will also be starting from where the first season ended. So, you must remember the beginning where it was all about Kyogre, Gomamon and Beelzemon. From there, the series has already been traveling on a journey through the Digital World to save the Princess Rika and her three Digimon friends.

One of the key features of the "Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution" anime series is that it will be told from the point of view of Kari. It's also great that the character will be different because of the different cultures that the characters come from. But this doesn't mean that the story will also be "too" different from the original story since it will also keep the original spirit of the series. We can expect some familiar characters with other characters from the series.

The third thing to note is that the episodes of the anime series will also be shorter compared to the previous season. Some of the episodes of the first season were 22 minutes long, while the episodes will be longer compared to the second season. Another thing that we can expect is the more emotional and touching scenes in the third season compared to the first and second season.

The fourth thing that we can expect is the continuation of the love story between Tamers Rika and Gatomon, as well as Shun, her third partner. The plot will also continue to discover more about the past of the Seven Ultimate Heroes. It will also be possible for us to get an overview of the whole story of the series.

Another thing that we can expect in the third season of the "Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution" series is the popularity of the newest generation of Digimon. It will be the time where we will see the new lineup of the Digimon that will also have their own color. It will also be the time when we will be able to see the darker side of the Digimon Series.

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