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He's just not a people person. 2020/1/1 101 min.


Dolittle is a 1997 animated short film by DreamWorks and is one of the very few original Disney movies, and the first ever movie in the entire series. The movie was released on September 26th, 1997 and is an example of some of the greatest animation in film history.

Angela was a vain rich girl who wanted to buy a new dress for her birthday. However, she was unable to do so because she needed a partner to help her pick out the perfect dress. Her only friend was a cat named Dolittle. When the cat decides to leave town, Angela takes the opportunity to go with him to meet a prince.

So begins their journey together as they travel all over the kingdom to find a man that has been trying to find them for years. Along the way, they meet many other characters. They meet Puck, the crown prince, who is also searching for the person he lost years ago. They also meet the Black Pig, a lost princess, the Princess Bunny, a fairy who looks like the Prince's long lost sister, and of course, Dolittle. It appears as though there is more to this story than Angela could have ever dreamed.

The movie was directed by James Lattimore and stars Elizabeth Banks, John Malkovich, and Michael Kelly. Some of the more interesting bits include a scene where Angela buys the newest dress for her birthday; in which a French girl named Ami claims that it's the new fashion for royalty to wear dresses. A scene in which a hippie girl convinces Angela that she wants to sell her beautiful blue dress for several million dollars; and where Angela agrees to sell it to her. And a scene where the three main characters discover a time machine and some other features of the history of the movie.

The movie was made for only twenty-four minutes, but if you think about how many great scenes there are, it's not such a bad idea. In fact, the movie would probably be even better with more time. In addition, the storyline was great, as each character had a great reason to want to find Angela and pry into her past. This is one of the rare times that a film has been adapted from a book as well as a film, which is how much the movie was changed and improved upon from the source material.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this movie will soon become a cult classic. Because of all the different things that can be said about the movie, it seems like there will always be a place in the hearts of movie lovers. It's like a romantic musical that has a unique and humorous ending. It's a really great movie that is very memorable.

In this movie, Dolittle travels throughout a castle and through all of the different places in the kingdom. Throughout the movie, a love story develops between the cat and the human, and there is also a lot of funny moments in the movie. Angela and Dolittle travel to a kingdom called Oz, and it was this kingdom that inspired the movie, as it has a royal family, and the movie takes place in the setting of The Wizard of Oz. There are many scenes of fantasy throughout the movie, and it's a wonderful movie that will make any kids happy.

The movie is a good movie, but is not necessarily considered one of the best movies of the year. Many critics criticized the story and the characters in the movie, but most of them acknowledged that it had its share of charm. Overall, this is a movie that has many memorable scenes and is sure to be a very nostalgic moment for many years to come.

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