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2020/5/15 81 min.


The Dream of Darkness is an independent Spanish feature film, directed by Jose Luis Celis. It was made on a budget of 2020 Euro and it premiered in Spanish Film Festival, Barcelona, which was followed by two more festivals. To date it has only been shown in small Spanish movie theaters. The Story is based on a fantasy by Alfredo Guerrero.

Anna Maria is a game maker who works as a waitress in a quiet village located near the sea. One day a mysterious magician named Martin arrives with his wife, Simona, and their daughter Elena. They bring a game called "Darkness", made by Anna Maria's friend Ana. As well as playing the game, they are to find their ways to escape from a cluttered house in the middle of a forest. On the way, they run into some unknown but threatening people.

Anna Maria discovers that the house where they are, is connected to a cell phone reception from the outside, through which she can connect to her mother, Olga, through an internet connection. There she finds out about a strange satellite navigation system, used by mysterious men, who want to make a bridge between the mainland and a mysterious island that lies to the west. Anna Maria thinks this might be the reason why she can communicate with her mother, but Simona, a telekinetic, doesn't think it is so. Still, there is another reason: Elena, Simona's daughter, is missing. Anna Maria tries to find out the whereabouts of her daughter, while trying to get away from the strange telekinetic and menacing people.

The movie takes place in the space of three hours. Anna Maria, along with Elena, find themselves lost and confused in a strange forest, and they cannot tell where they are going. They can only assume that they have to go somewhere. Elena's mother lives in the village, but she isn't at home and neither is Olga.

After a night of sleeping and not having any dreams, Anna Maria wakes up in a strange house, to find that it's nighttime and all of a sudden, there is a deep, booming sound, and all of a sudden, the shadows of trees around them change to dark clouds. Anna Maria can't to find Elena, but she is afraid that she is in danger. She sees an old lady waiting for her, but she is unconscious. Anna Maria wonders if Elena is still with her and tries to make up her mind what to do next. Suddenly, the house becomes silent and cloudy, and after a while, she falls asleep.

Just as she's falling asleep, the dark clouds appear and Elena, whom the woman was waiting for, suddenly appears before Anna Maria. Elena is very angry, because after she had missed her mother, Elena decided to disappear. Elena calls the old lady and tells her about her mother. The old lady is surprised by the sight of Elena and tells her that she knows the fate of both Elena and Anna Maria and that Elena will not have a happy ending.

The old lady tells Elena that the soul she is searching for is inside the castle of a young man called Martin, who is very rich and successful, and is also connected to the dark cloud that hides everything. It's Elena's destiny to save her mother, and for this, she needs to go to Martin's castle. Elena gets the chance to meet a handsome man called Martin and this is the moment when her future starts to unravel.

The Dream of Darkness is a very good romantic, and romantic drama. It also shows us a side of people that we have not yet seen in this genre of movies. As a result, this movie may become a hit among Spanish lovers.

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