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2020/10/9 97 min.


The Movie "The Witch" is based on the well known book written bycies The Wizard of Oz. It depicts the adventures of an ordinary girl (Martina Arenas) who travels to the land of Oz after her mother dies. There she becomes a powerful witch (Sandra Oh), who transforms the whole world into an illusion using a red ring (a symbol of evil) that she wears. This is the second film of the three-part film franchise, The Dorothy spinoff.

As you may know the character of The Witch is based on the most famous of the British witches, Melucca. In the book she was described as a grey-skinned woman who had a snake like head. She was a member of the outlawed society called the Lost Boys and is depicted as a mean and cruel character. El Testamento de la Abuela was directed by Isabel Giron. She co-stars with Yaya San Pedro, who plays the role of Scarecrow; Cesar Verdugo Moreno, who plays the role of Tinman; and Diego Luna, who plays the role of Lion.

As I have already mentioned the role of The Witch is played by Sandra Oh, a Mexican actress best known for her role in different movies such as Sin City, Glee and Crazy Heart. I have always found her to be an impressive actress, whose acting skills are able to bring out the best from any role that she is given. And in this role she does not disappoint. The character of The Witch is presented as an evil character, whose only motives are her quest to destroy the world. She uses various means to accomplish this task, including magic and violence. It is her love for her brother that causes her to fall in love with Toto, a monkey whom she names Bienfant, while serving as his surrogate family.

The movie begins in the town of Xico, where we find ourselves introduced to a new character, Yaya San Pedro. He is an orphan who lives with his mother, sister and a dog (Bienfant). When Yaya is given a visit from her cousin, Flora (Diane Lane), he immediately takes to her mother's place. They immediately become friends, and Flora informs Yaya that her cousin, Paco (Efren Ramirez) is also from Xico. However, when Yaya's mother informs him that Paco has been captured by the vampires of the New Moon, El Testamento de la Abuela takes place.

In this movie, Yaya San Pedro falls in love with Flora's younger sister, Paco (Efren Ramirez) before he is taken away to the vampire farm. With the help of his cousin Paco, Yaya flees the farm in order to prevent his capture, but in the process, both he and Paco are transformed into vampires and were taken to the vampire concentration camp. El Testamento de la Abuela then chronicles the efforts of Yaya and his cousin, Paco to convert human beings, while they are forced to fight against the other vampires, the monsters and the other forces trying to destroy them. The movie ends with the two cousins finally arriving at the end of the camp, just before dawn, after having converted everyone else.

El Testamento de la Abuela is an excellent Mexican film directed by Francisco Bayet. The storyline is very gripping, and this movie provides viewers with some excellent examples of fantastic acting. The film has excellent special effects and some excellent use of language as well, and I recommend watching it with the subtitles on.

Original title El testamento de la abuela
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