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Love knows best. 2020/2/13 125 min.


Emma. Emma is a French-Canadian story of a 20-year-old lesbian protagonist's love for her older sister, and how the social and cultural expectations placed on her as a young woman of colour prevent her from being more.

This movie was more of a short documentary than a movie, about a woman, herself an actress, battling with a series of issues which she no longer feels she can fight against and overcome. In all honesty, I'm not sure that the movie could've been made at all. The main character, Emma, was not a good role model to look up to. She was shallow, self-absorbed, and not at all interested in anything else but herself.

As a former misfit who knew little about women in general, this movie was a place where I could feel all my insecurities coming out. What is it about a woman who only wants attention, and that can't stand to be a child of color, or a woman of any colour?

She was a bitch, a homophobe, and a one trick pony. The movie was one long joke about her insecurities and like many women who have large amounts of self-esteem issues, she had a lot of baggage around her. Then again, that doesn't make it good, does it? There were moments of genuine sadness, but the rest of the movie was purely a raunchy one-liner.

To give a movie such as this a score of -14 is quite an achievement, even though it doesn't feel that way. The movie takes place in Canada, and most of the dialogue comes from French speakers, which was the excuse they gave to have the whole movie in French, and was already insulting when she started drinking in the film, and starting a bad habit.

At least it wasn't difficult to see why the makers of the movie made a movie with a hard time selling it, especially since Emma was already such a wimp in the first place. After all, why would she be afraid to take the lead in a movie that she was not sure she wanted to be a part of, because of her gender? I know that people are just waiting for the movie to come out and find out what happens to her, but that makes absolutely no sense at all. Perhaps, the makers did not think that much of their own credibility, and the film is really a disappointment.

The original version of the movie was in French, which made it difficult for non-French speaking viewers to understand the subtitles, and those were not even very close. There was also a part that had the original ending changed, but that part wasn't worth the effort, and the movie itself was uneventful, and got boring fast.

Emma was definitely a movie that I would have appreciated better if it was in English. I hate to admit it, but the actress did not play herself well, and therefore the film had to fall apart to meet their target audience. That is not to say that the film wasn't good, it's just that I would have enjoyed the same film more if it was in English.

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