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Enola Holmes (2020)

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Mystery runs in the family. 2020/9/23 124 min.


In Enola Moriarty, Millie Bobby Brown plays Enola Holmes, a young girl who is a member of the infamous murder family of "The Great Train Robbery", and is now working as a detective in London. Her sister, Enid, was born just a few months before the crime happened. Enzo (Tom Hanks) was their father, and Enola is the youngest of four girls - two of which are sisters, and two of which are younger than her. She and her siblings are constantly told by the other women that they are the "bad luck" ones, and the other girls often tease her about her dark skin, which is not quite so white as it seems. Her father was an alcoholic, and she has a very complicated relationship with him - one that is both comical and heartbreaking at times.

As Enola begins to become more involved in the mystery of her murder family, she starts to have visions of herself as a great detective, and is taken under the wing of a rich man who wants her to become his secret agent. In order to help her, he gives her an assignment: she must go to London and find the true identity of the man who supposedly killed the Holmes family - the "Master Killer". Although Enola wants to succeed in her mission, she finds that it is actually a much bigger task than she expected.

The series is a joint production between Showtime and Starz Entertainment, which mean that it will be available exclusively to subscribers of these two networks. It was filmed in the United States, in New York City, and is a co-production with the American Film Institute. This means that the show is expected to be able to appeal to a large audience, especially since many people who are interested in detective fiction don't get to see this genre on television. One of the reasons why this show may be popular is because it is set in an interesting time period - in Victorian times, and because it is a modern mystery/drama. This means that more of the elements of classic mystery fiction - the time period, the setting, and the mystery itself, will be present.

Enola is a relatively small part of the larger "Enfield" Detective Agency, which is run by John and Mary Watson (Arthur Godfrey and Amanda Warner). Although the two main characters are quite different, they still work together regularly in order to solve crimes. Enola's problems with her family, as well as the problems of the larger agency, are also interwoven into the story.

There are some big twists in the Enomali Holmes mystery in the Enola episode of the series, and in the end, John Watson, John's brother, becomes the Master Killer. However, this is yet another reason why Enola must succeed, because Watson has been helping her since childhood - but in a way, it doesn't really matter who he is. They're family and he's the best detective around. Enlama has a great relationship with Sherlock Holmes, which develops over the course of the series, and it looks like they'll always be able to look out for each other and trust each other - something that is lacking in the Watson household.

The entire cast of the Enola Holmes movie is spectacular. They are excellent, and they have the right chemistry with one another, as well as the right mannerisms. This makes them more believable as a team, and because of that, their performance is believable.

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