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Escape From Pretoria (2020)

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Survival is key 2020/3/6 102 min.


In Escape from Pretoria, the civil war in South Africa has resulted in many deaths, and now an international group of agents, including James Bond, are trying to find out why. During a stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in Pretoria, Bond is befriended by a local girl named Nel, a spoiled and yet innocent rich girl.

The series is definitely not like other franchise in the market as it focuses on intrigue, politics, death and more. One thing that makes Escape from Pretoria series so popular among the viewers is its overall creative story. It is a TV movie based on the well-known first book in the series, Millionaire Mafia Bosses, which was later adapted into a screenplay and then a screenplay film.

In this movie, there is no need to be familiar with the storyline of the first book to follow. Even though it is a sequel, it does not follow the same story of the first novel, but it is still worth reading for the story alone. There are different twists and turns that can be expected in the movie and it will not disappoint the audiences who have not watched the series. Another thing that makes the movie so unique is the use of 4D technology.

In addition to the storyline of the first and second part of the series, the third movie added a new twist that challenges the detectives to overcome the most difficult obstacle yet - to get to where they are going. From south of the equator to a village in Zimbabwe, the fourth installment in the series will surely leave you spellbound with thrilling suspense and heart-pounding adventure.

Aside from the exciting plot and the new twists and turns, the film also features a stunning star-studded cast. Among the stars in the movie are Jacki Weaver, Robert Carlyle, and Maxine Peake. The series did a good job of creating a new character that has a different background, but still remains loyal to the original one.

When it comes to photography, the movie is presented in a vivid style. The sequences and angles of the images should leave you completely captivated with what is happening on the screen.

Even though the series is based on the same concept, it is not similar to other franchises. The difference is that this movie offers a much more adventurous experience than usual. You will surely enjoy the story line and the storyline that change every time the director puts it in his mind.

Escape from Pretoria, the sixth installment in the series, can only be seen online. This movie promises to be just as good as the previous ones and if you wish to see the newest and the last installment of the series, you have to hurry up because it is coming soon.

Original title Escape From Pretoria
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