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Made by Tony nominee Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith, Eternal Beauty(2020) is a romantic drama set during the latter half of the twentieth century. The movie stars Will Smith as a man who falls in love with an exotic woman (Jennifer Lopez), and Will Smith as a man who falls for a beautiful woman (Nicole Kidman). Eternal Beauty(2020) revolves around their romantic relationship. This romantic drama is based on the book of the same name by Lauren Collins.

When Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez first decided to make a movie together, they did not know what kind of story they would tell about Eternal Beauty(2020). But once they were done making the movie Eternal Beauty(2020), they realized what a romantic movie they had made and they wrote a sequel titled Eternal Harmony. The second film Eternal Harmony was also directed by Will Smith. However, Eternal Harmony(2020) was not a hit in theaters.

In Eternal Harmony(2020), Will Smith plays the role of the father of teenage daughter Lola (Lori Singer) who is played by Nicole Kidman. In the first movie, Lola is the daughter of a friend of Will Smith's and Will has a crush on her. During the time of the second movie, Lola is pregnant with Will's son Austin (Jovan Adepo), and when Will is out in public with his son, Lola's mother tries to get her to agree to the idea of having a baby. She tells her that Will be rich and able to buy a home if he agrees to let her have a child.

Meanwhile, Lola becomes involved with a young man named Anthony (Drake Bell), who is played by Nick Nolte. When Anthony leaves Lola for another woman, Lola and Nick fall in love and become committed to each other. But Lola is still pregnant, so Nick plans a scheme to find out whether Lola is really married to Anthony or not. So, he tracks down Anthony and they meet in a restaurant to discuss this matter.

The second part of the movie features more plot twists and turns, especially the reveal that Nolte's character, who was killed in the first part of the movie, is alive and living with his lover, Nelson Gerencser. The love affair between Lola and Nick and Nelson causes an accident, which causes both of them to fall ill and in the process Nelson is killed.

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