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We all pay for our crimes in the end. 2020/7/10 103 min.


In addition to being an iconic gangster movie, The Untouchables is one of the greatest gangster films ever made. The Untouchables, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, was released in 1973, starring Mickey Rourke as James "Whitey" Bulger, and Anthony Zerbe as his assistant Donnie Azoff. In the film, the two detectives working for the Boston Police Department, Frank Finneran and John Murphy, are investigating the Boston underworld when they come across a huge diamond. As a result, they get a lead on a criminal activity, which leads them to The Untouchables, where they end up investigating James 'Whitey' Bulger.

The movie is also about another mafia boss, Frank Costello, played by actor Al Pacino. The only problem is that you would never know it from the movie. Of course, the point is the same for the Serie because we know that it's a successful movie, but what makes this particular movie so interesting is the fact that the Italian-American audience all knows exactly what happened in it.

After years of protecting the Serie, Vincent Hanna, a Brooklyn man who happens to be a very wealthy man, was murdered for his blood money. One of the crew of his son was hired by Al Capone to help him control the lower class. As we know, Capone himself ran the Serie, so it's quite likely that he killed his son in retaliation.

According to the movie, Capone and his henchmen didn't care much about the lives of the people they robbed. However, the main character of the movie, John Murphy, seems to have a very different perception. He was killed, in order to bring down the Serie.

This may sound a bit hard to believe, but John Murphy did go through some hell, right after the murder. But the movie doesn't just stop there. In fact, everything that happened from there is a direct reflection of the real mafia.

The roles of both Frank Costello and Al Capone is purposely left vague in the movie. And it's up to the viewers to determine which of them committed the murder. It's also left up to the viewer, if it's the mafia or Frank Costello who was the real murderer.

By giving both men such ambiguous roles, it left the viewers wondering who the real guy was. And that is the whole concept of a film like The Untouchables, and it's the way that it created a large interest from viewers.

In terms of movie based on a true story, the Untouchables is the best of them all. It tells the truth about what happened to those characters in life. And you know what? The movie is now available on the internet, so you can actually see it for yourself.

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