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Basic switch. Killer new look. 2020/11/12 102 min.


After a series of well-timed trailers and teasers, the new online movie serie of Freaky released on May 1st. I'd seen the trailers and was intrigued by the web serial featuring Jill Garnered (Office Space, Home Alone, etc.) since the late 90s, when I first saw Office Space. I'm not sure I enjoyed it as much as Garnered's character, but I can remember liking at least one of the comedy sequences involving the office staff playing strip dancers to get to work. Now, this is a funny movie, but I was ready for something more serious or at least not as tongue-in-cheek.

From my perspective, I like a good mystery and I needed a break from Freaky's fun-filled narrative, but I wasn't prepared for what I saw. From the very first trailer, I could tell that this movie was going to be nothing like the Office Space/Home Alone imitations that I had been expecting. In fact, I was expecting a whole new cast of characters, with an all-ages sex kitten serial killer, a war-weary medic-turned-mass killer, and a sexy vixen who'd jump straight into a bloodbath. Instead, I was introduced to the weirdos at the local church who play pranks, but also the most formidable bad guy of all, the slick-looking serial killer who appears to be a cross between a vampire and a werewolf.

I expected a few twists in the plot, more humor, and less shock value; but I didn't see any of that. I'm not sure why, maybe the writers just wanted to give more time to the acting and build up their characters a bit; or maybe I just hadn't read the whole book yet. Regardless, this version of freaky is not as dark or twisted as I've been looking for. There isn't any torture or mass hysteria like you'd usually find in a gory movie. It's more of a psychological suspense thriller, with some comedy mixed in to make it better.

The story follows a normal high school girl who gets a visit from an "angel," whom she thinks is her future love. But the angel's visit turns her head, as she soon finds herself traveling through the Disney realm and visiting freaky places such as the devil's castle and a mad scientist's laboratory. Along the way, the girl meets other Disney characters and learns why they're so fascinated with freaky stuff (and a whole lot more).

My favorite scenes from this movie are when she gets to meet the other Disney characters, and how the entire townspeople freaks out over her presence (as if there was any bad news there). And then when she visits the other half of the town, you can clearly see that she has a crush on her. So even though there are quite a few twists and turns throughout the film, it's always clear what's going on from start to finish, without a single scene boring viewers (as is common nowadays).

So why should you watch freaky? Well, aside from the fact that it's a great movie to watch, you'll also be able to view a wide variety of trailers for other upcoming Disney movies, such as the Disney Channel shows (which should have a new trailer every other week). And in case you missed them, they'll show up on YouTube too. And just to cap it all off, there's a full streaming online video version for you to watch. So go on, indulge yourself and have a ball enjoying this fantastic movie! Freaky!

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