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2020/8/22 60 min.


In our daily life we are faced with so many problems and difficulties that sometimes we lose the perspective of the blessings we have been given. The most important blessings are the blessings of life; the blessings of being alive! These blessings have been called as blessings because they are not ours but are given by our parents, relatives, or by our blessings' sponsors. As I always say, blessings come in different forms and sizes; sometimes from big rocks, sometimes from small rocks. We need to keep this perspective in our lives so that we know how to appreciate each blessing we get.

Naming ceremony is an instance where the life gifts of our parents or other people close to us are bestowed on us. Giving of gift may be done in many ways but names are the most popular and easiest way of doing it. In naming our babies, parents may use certain conventional or non-conventional ways. Giving of names may be done according to culture, religion, number of kids, and even alphabetical order.

When it comes to naming the movies or TV series, there are many different genres under which the names can be given. It can be a TV show, a movie, a book, or an animated cartoon. There are many naming examples given below. Some of the most common genres are as follows:

Movies: Movies are loved by all. Hence it is very easy to find a popular culture name for a movie. The most popular culture names given are usually those that are traditional in nature, such as MacGyver, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, etc. However, if the movie is an innovative Hollywood production then the names given will be more creative, innovative and unique.

TV shows: Shows are loved by people of all ages. Hence a good naming idea can be chosen by anyone based on a popular culture. For example, Call the Midday Show "The Big Bang Theory" and Star Trek "Star trek universe" and so on. In case the show is an animated one, the name should ideally be related to the genre, episode titles, actors and actresses, and so on.

In case the person being named is not familiar with the TV show or the character being named, there are plenty of other naming ideas available, which can be used for humorous, educational, or just as personal names. Examples include Sponge Bob Square Pants, Superman, Batman, Supergirl, Law and Order, The Breakfast Club, Family Guy, Family Time, Brides and Others. On the contrary, when the person being named is a male, the names may also be based on common words, phrases, and names used by men, such as Batman, Superman, MacGyver, etc. While the names for female characters may be Barbie, Miss Piggy, Fairy God Mother, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, amongst others.

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