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2020/7/29 120 min.


The first film in the 'frozen' series is The Hunt for Red October, which revolves around the final battle of the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union. The story takes place at the beginning of the 20th century, when the nations were fast approaching war with each other. In this movie, we are given to see a significant advancement in warfare, a decisive victory for the American and Soviet forces. The actors playing in the movie series include Brad Dourif, Anna Faris, Vincent D'Onofrio, Teri Hatcher, Donald Sutherland, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

However, since the beginning of the Internet, the Greenland's foreign film adaptation has experienced more problems than success. The movie became the highest grossing online movie from all time in Sweden but it was not quite as successful in America, America being the world's largest cinema market. So what happened to the movie?

The movie was taken by a Swedish company called Fosun TV and distributed by the Eu Cinema Club, who is located in England. Later on, the movie was distributed in the USA by the Direct Artist's Film Service, which is based in Portland, Oregon. This movie was also distributed through VOD (Video on Demand) service Aereo.

Now, the movie itself was not really a bad movie. It has some excellent visuals and is just a beautiful story, but it is the online release that causes the troubles for the online audience.

The main reason for the movie's failure in America is because the movie is not really suitable for the online viewers. Since the movie was not shot in the same settings like the movies that went through theatrical distribution, there are various technical problems that are common for movies shot in different places. Therefore, instead of being able to watch the movie and enjoy it, most of the people have to be a part of an online forum discussing the problems in the movie.

Furthermore, the movie was not really so spectacular that it took away its fun from it and made it a total mess. The movie takes place at the beginning of the Cold War, but it did not really make any sense since everything happened quite long ago. Even if there is a description of how it actually happened, it takes us back in time to the 1900s, which were quite different from the modern world of today.

The Greenland's online release is just a serious issue when the movie is not even a perfect film. With such kind of production quality, the main plot could already have been completed but then this has been rather simplified down to where it can really make people lose interest in the movie. One would think that it is the whole problem, but the simple fact is that the movie was only successful because the language barrier was removed.

When you have a limited selection of movies to choose from, and the choices are not so great, the problem can only be solved by bringing the internet closer to the movie audiences. As a result, the online release of the Greenland film is the biggest reason for the movie not being that successful in the online world. If it was not because of this movie, there would still be countless other online adaptations of Finnish and Norwegian films.

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