Haunting of the Mary Celeste
Haunting of the Mary Celeste (2020)

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Be careful what you look for 2020/10/23 74 min.


Haunting of the Mary Celeste might just be the first ghost story to become a bestseller online. However it is also based on actual fact. On Dec 4, 18 72, an American lady ship, the Mary Celeste was found adrift and abandoned near the Bahama Islands off the coast of Cuba. What happened to all the passengers of this ship remains one of the top mysteries in modern nautical history.

The Haunting of the Mary Celeste has been made into a successful movie franchise, with the first of its kind, Haunting of Paris, a 2020 vampire movie directed by Toddlers. The film spawned two sequels, Haunting in Paris and Haunting of New York, each more successful than the last. The Haunting of Paris series became popular among children, while Haunting of New York was made into a successful feature length animated film starring Angelina Jolie and reuniting the main actors from the earlier movies. It did not, however, do well at the box office, nor did Haunting of the Black Death, which many people believed to be the Haunting of Paris in disguise.

Haunting of the Mary Celeste, the second movie in the series, features the return of Holly Golightly as Ginger. Like the first movie, Haunting of Paris, Haunting of New York, features an all star cast of famous names. Leading roles have been reserved for Vera Plantar and Johnny Depp, and the unique style and special effects utilized in this film make Haunting of the Mary Celeste one of, if not the most interesting online horror film.

Haunting of the Mary Celeste tells the story of Ginger waking up in a room that used to belong to her mother. Ginger soon learns that she has been locked in the room without any means of exit. As she slowly becomes distressed, a door suddenly swings open and a figure takes her in its embrace. This being none other than Mary, who is actually the ghost of her dead twin sister. Haunting of the Mary Celeste follows Ginger's road trip through Europe, where she meets a series of tragic events that would forever change her outlook on life.

Haunting of the Mary Celeste follows Ginger's road trip as she tries to find answers to her personal belongings and investigate the disappearance of her own sister. While many readers might feel a little unsure about jumping into a completely supernatural genre, Haunting of the Mary Celeste manages to maintain its stance of fiction despite its subject matter. The characters are well drawn, and the director did a nice job creating a unique atmosphere that captures the viewer's imagination.

When I was reading Haunting of the Mary Celeste, I found that I was engrossed in the storyline. Despite some of the unbelievable elements that took place within the story, the characters were well drawn and the storyline was enthralling. The graphic novel also kept me entertained, despite the horrific plot. Haunting of the Mary Celeste does a great job of combining fact with fiction, as ginger's search for her missing twin sister and her struggle with the paranormal overlapped with the personal search of her friend, Beth. What makes Haunting of the Mary Celeste stand apart from other ghost stories is the way it integrates real events into a story that could happen in our world. Haunting of the Mary Celeste offers readers a glimpse of what might happen if two paranormal teams had to work together to solve a mystery, and it did an excellent job of painting a picture of a real event that could happen.

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