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2020/12/15 82 min.


Heks means 'barbarian', the word translated literally being 'of the woods'. Derived words meaning more modernly, witches. Noun. A witch.

The origin of the name Heks is not clear. Some suggest that it comes from a story of Heks and the coven, which could be either a fairy tale or possibly folk tradition. In any case the name Heks probably referred to either a local nuisance or possibly a witch, in some form. The most common association with witchcraft is from the involvement of Countess Catrin de Heks, an English noble who lived in SW Switzerland. A statue of Catrin, called the Heks Stone, can still be seen in a small village of Cavalleria in the Dolomites.

Heks was a popular holiday destination for wealthy families at the time. It became a hideout for pirates, witches and outlaws during the Renaissance and was also a place where witches were forced to be'recuit' for service as'murderers'. It was this reputation that made it well known for being a safe place for witches to hide out from both the law and enemies. As a result many travelers were advised to use this area as their point of entry into Swiss territory, particularly during periods of war. As well as helping the enemy and carrying out questionable activities, the witches who lived here did much to support their Spanish community, donating money to help build monasteries and spreading the word about their services.

Today the name Heks has become synonymous with online charity. People around the world use this term to describe a Swiss online assistance provider that helps people in need by helping to set up bank accounts and providing debt and financial help. As well as running an online programme, this help line provides many other ways for people to donate to help those in need, including by organising a fund-raising concert, arranging donations to a local food bank or school and collecting money for daily activities and events. The aim of the Heks Foundation is to make sure that everyone has a chance to live a comfortable and happy life, and with this help line and its programme of aid it aims to do just that.

For anyone thinking about starting a Heks Foundation volunteer role, it is important to remember that it is strictly voluntary. You can work in your free time, helping to run the online programmes and raising funds for the charity. It is also important that you think carefully about how your actions may affect those you care about. If you are asked to help find a witch or to perform an evil act, it would be very wise to think carefully before answering back. There are also many situations where you will be asked to leave the country, regardless of the reason, so it is important to respect your decision if asked to leave by a foreign employer.

You can find out more about Heks online at the official website, and there is a lot of information for volunteers to read through as well as many videos, pictures and information about witch hunts and what to expect on a typical day. There is also a Heks Foundation volunteer directory, where you can find the contact details of any local organisations that you could consider helping out. It is very easy to volunteer for Heks, as it is very rewarding and pays very well. You can help to empower people and empower the world! Why not give it a go today?

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