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Never steal a man's second chance. 2020/9/3 99 min.


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Directed by Owen Gleiberman and starring Owen Gloiberman, Kevin Kline, and Jennifer Aniston - Honest thieves is a live-action comedy directed by Tim Burton. The plot revolves around an honest thief named Jake Lewis (Kevin Kline) who works for a major corporation. Jake daydreams about being a millionaire, but when he is given a chance to work on Wall Street, he becomes greedy and thinks that he can make millions using his secret identity. The film follows Jake throughout his day at work as he pursues wealthy clients and tries to get them to trust him.

But Jake soon finds out that being an honest thief is not so simple when the whole world is against him, especially the boss of his company. He soon realizes that he has to escape from the safe house in order to steal money and valuables that are safely placed inside the bank vault. To do this, he teams up with an ingenious bank robber named Honest Thief (Owen Gloiberman), who is the cousin of a successful con man named Jake Lewis. Honest thief plans to break into the bank using his scientific equipment and disguise himself as an ordinary customer. When Jake and Honest Thief team up, they learn that the only way to get inside the vault is to steal the crystal.

The film then rapidly moves to the car chases where Jake and Honest Thief have to defend their stolen goods against car chases from the cops, the FBI agents, and other vehicles. The car chases prove futile as Jake and Honest thief easily get away with their stolen merchandise. In the end, Jake gets his chance to confront the boss of his company and confront him about stealing from his customers. However, as he admits, he has no choice but to continue the business under his own name as he has no one else to turn to.

Jake gets a chance to meet his future love Karen (Daryl Hannah). He asks her to marry him despite her Refusing and tells her that he loves her. They soon start a family and two years later, Jake has to go back to prison after serving a couple of years in jail due to his role in his friend's murder. Now, he teams up with his good friend Neeson (Stephen Boyd) who becomes his ally and best friend. Together, they plan to rob a big company whose name is synonymous with success and wealth. Although they plan to rob the company and get away with it, they become involved in a big accident and Karen is hit and critically injured.

After undergoing surgery, she passes away and Jake is devastated. Out of anger, he goes back into hiding and finds an old warehouse which has been turned into a shelter for animals. With the help of his friend Nekson, he intends to stage a robbery there and is able to confront his long lost friend, Earl Grey. Earl is shocked to learn that his friend is actually an honest thief who is after his wealth and wants to help him get it. They engage in a struggle that ends with Earl shooting Jake through the stomach and causing him to fall into a coma. Following his death, Jake flees to California while Nekson flees to Arizona, leaving Jake with an empty suitcase and an injured owl.

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