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Send in the clowns. 2020/8/21 101 min.


Recently a blogger claimed that all the works in the Irresistible Collection were created by British actors, in other words, in order to please both genders, they built an entire world of fantasy based on Hollywood movies. Even in order to make more money in the future, their works will be revised so as to please women or young girls.

I personally think that this blogger's statement is far from the truth. I also thought that this was the kind of thing that cannot be done.

I also know that Hollywood and its works are the origin of the real world. And many people think that we just want to follow what Hollywood is doing in order to be attractive. But when I say that the movie world is the source of all our lives, what I really mean is that we need to take pride in every part of it. I'm not saying that we should not accept or be happy with some changes made by Hollywood in order to please people who are still afraid of being independent.

One of the most important things about our life is our love for the cinema. The media that we have today is the mirror that reflects the truth of the human being. The works of our ancestors, such as the film Irresistible are always present in our hearts, giving us the feeling that what we are doing now can give us what we need in the future.

In order to make films that can satisfy girls and teenage boys, it is important that we follow their footsteps. That means that we should not use the original work, but we should update it and modify it according to our needs. We need to make films that will give an impression to our viewers that will be exciting, artistic, original and trendy.

Firstly, we should be aware that making a serious film that aims at all ages is a difficult task. It requires a lot of hard work, creativity and patience.

And so I think that we need to appreciate the fact that sometimes, we make mistakes. The Irresistible series was never meant to be such a huge success. All of the work was done in the beginning, but it was not easy to get people to watch it, because it was a little too complicated and original.

In order to change the whole concept of the series, they decided to try a new approach. In fact, if we keep to our ways, and if we still hold the attitude that we need to follow, we will continue to get disappointed, because the audience will keep moving away.

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