Pacto de Fuga
Pacto de Fuga (2020)

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Based on the most daring prison escape of all time. 2020/1/23 138 min.


The Pacto de Fuga is a famous play written by Spain's oldest and most prominent writer, Juan Parra. During the last years of Spain's military dictatorship, a group of terrorists from the Popular Front (MRF) planned and executed a daring prison breakout of political prisoners. This daring action earned the name "Pacto Fuga", or "prisoners Without Bars". The play is set in the imaginary town of Fonda, in which an iron curtain is installed around the prison to separate political prisoners from those who has collaborated with the enemy.

When a shipment of arms is received from the United States for the resistance in the war against the dictatorship, the loyalists plot the assassination of King Alfonado and Prime Minister Amador Cabellero. However, on the night of the intended attack, the two prime ministers are inside the presidential palace having a meeting. Aware that the attack has been arranged by the MRF, the guards close the surrounding area and burn down the offices of the three government ministers. The loyalists then storm the prison and recapture the keys from the prisoners. The play ends with the recapture of the kings and the setting of a political trial before the Spanish National Assembly.

Juan Parra is the pen name of a highly respected political critic and social commentator, with a passion for freedom. He was born in Cordoba, the largest province of Spain, and spent much of his early life in Barcelona as a prominent member of the Barcelona Resistance. As a young man he was arrested and spent several months in the Gesto jail, where he organized many underground cells. After the arrest and conviction for sedition, he was sentenced to three years in prison and later released on appeal.

Juan Parra had always been interested in the history of the Spanish resistance. As a young man he had joined the IRA because of a visit to a Madrid prison where he saw the real Gesto prisoners who were being tortured and killed. He continued to have strong sympathies for the freedom fighters until he decided to work with the POUCHE (Workers' Party) during the military dictatorship. He remained with them until the end of the dictatorship. He was elected President of the Cortile de Mayo (CVD) in June 1977.

In spite of his peaceful attitude towards most of the issues confronting the Cortile, he found himself caught between an increasingly hard line right wing and left wing dominated government which was determined to get rid of him. On 7th June he announced that he would suspend the membership of the PDC but would continue to campaign for social change. Several of his closest friends were arrested along with the PDCC (semble of the people's party), the CPM (Socialists of Spain), GICTA (Guitaria Popularista de Madrid), and CFD (Confectura de Campes de Madrid). All were arrested and detained in what came to be known as the Dirty Thievery Case. During this period there was an endless witch hunt for PDCC and CPM members by the authorities.

De Leon was allowed a visit by the King of Spain on 5th August to boost morale and improve relations. On the same day, General Garcia Bustur de Toledo, the head of the Spanish Armed Forces, came to Fonda to inspect the place where the POUCHE had been headquartered. De Leon was allowed to visit the POUCHE offices. The King talked to them and promised to free all those arrested. De Leon was released immediately, but was told that if he did not report to the police immediately they would carry out summary executions.

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