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Imagine waking up and everyday is Christmas day. 2020/12/3 101 min.


Just Another Christmas is an award winning Brazilian comedy with an endless groundhog day-esque plot, telling of the traditional tale of a man too late to appreciate the festivities, only to discover that the festivities have started already and more time than he has before hand. The plot is so popular that it has spawned a number of parodies, including one very popular TV series and several of the popular movie remakes. If you are looking for something that will tickle your funny bone this year then look no further as Just Another Christmas may just be the thing for you. So what is it about?

Part one of the movie is the title Just Another Christmas, which is directed by Lucas Neff who is also responsible for the voice work for the movie. The movie's plot is as follows: a once normal man named Paulo gets stiffed for his money at the bank and decides to cash in on his knowledge by starting a Christmas tradition. This includes giving out candy canes to every person he meets, driving them crazy with the demand for the treat, while also making a report to his boss. The movie then chronicles the subsequent events as the supervisor discovers the strange customs and decides to get involved.

Part two is called Just Another Christmas: Brazil. It takes place in 2020, three years after the first movie takes place. The setting is then London, as Paula wears a Santa costume in order to win a million pound talent contest. Things go badly wrong when she is locked inside a hotel with twelve other contestants and without even knowing it, Santa Claus makes his grand entrance wearing his red robe and a cape that immediately fly off of his back.

Part three of the movie is entitled Just Another Christmas for its spinoff movie spinoff, Just Another Christmas: Reindeer Trouble. The film takes place in a present-day New York City, following the raucous Christmas Eve party where a snowman accidentally falls into a giant ice bucket. The look on the faces of those gathered is anything but festive, as they watch in horror as the snowman melts into the bucket and disappears. The mystery behind his disappearance is solved when a reindeer shows up on the scene, confused and distraught over his own lack of success at the party. He vows to return and save Christmas, but he will have to put up with an influx of tourists until then.

The movie That Could Have Been takes a different angle than many of the typical comedy Christmas movies. Instead of the usual formula of a nice guy with a heart of gold, here he is a bad boy with an angelic appeal. After losing the custody of his daughter to a controlling mother, Christian is determined not to lose her again, so he goes to great lengths to plan his crime and make it look as good as possible. He sends a letter to his long-lost ex-wife, puts on a mask, and visits her in order to steal her new identity, but things go terribly wrong when she realizes that she has been taken for a fool. When she sees her son being mistreated, she flees in shame, and Christian, determined to exact revenge, plots the perfect Christmas-themed crime.

If you're looking for a movie that may have been the inspiration for your kid's Christmas wish list this year, the third installment of the Just Another Christmas movie series will probably be a hit. With the teenage star's hilarious performances and a stellar cast that includes familiar faces from the previous seasons, it's sure to be a smash. Plus, if you're a true fan of the series, it's possible to continue the action straight away by purchasing the all-new Absolutely Fabulous Five movie on Amazon. The trailer is below...

Original title Tudo Bem no Natal Que Vem
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