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Everyone is guilty. 2020/5/28 116 min.


In "Intuition," two psychics, Janice (Barbara Hershey) and Rene (John G. Fuller), try to sell a movie starring Johnny Depp. We learn that they know where Johnny's parents were headed the day he disappeared and are trying to track down more information. While Janice and Rene are away, a burglar rips into the house and steals money from there. Deciding to give the detective a call, the geniuses conclude that the burglar is someone close to Johnny's family.

The detective takes Janice and Rene's calls and soon realizes that the caller is in fact Johnny Depp. He admits to the theft, but claims that he was looking for his friend and was unaware of the room he was in. Janice becomes suspicious that the thief has to be one of Johnny's friends. Janice soon learns that the thief is none other than Michael Douglas, who is filming a movie in New York. The geniuses offer the detective a huge cash reward for their help, but even with a higher price, they continue to search for clues.

On the third day of looking for clues, the detective realizes that something very important is about to happen. Someone is going to be murdered. During the movie, Rene offers her insights into the crime and finds out what she knows is going to bring about this murder.

According to the movie "Intuition," Rene and Janice are the psychics that Johnny Depp wants. He mentions in an earlier scene that he has started to use his powers in order to get closer to his friends, and to know if his real life friends are looking for him. They also consider that in order to become a successful psychic, they need to practice in order to develop intuition, as well as enhance their accuracy and clarity of thought.

So, what does this have to do with home theater experience? Well, first off, you can watch the movie "Intuition" with your whole family or even have a friend over to watch it together, all while enjoying your surround sound or home theater experience.

Tom Dylan, the author of the book, had a dream of starting a movie theater. "The Intuition" follows that dream, with him wanting to sell a movie, to "open" a theater. He wanted the audience to experience the same magic and experience that he felt while he was a child watching his first Disney film. Though he didn't make the movie, Tom Dylan is the genius behind the movie, and he has the ability to connect with others by using his psychic abilities.

According to him, he found his muse when reading a book on the subject. When you are watching "Intuition," be sure to remember that Tom Dylan wrote the movie after he knew he would eventually be making a movie. You can relate to the characters in the movie, which is pretty much everyone. You can relate to the characters' fears, their loneliness, and their need to belong.

Tom Dylan has been called a genius and is one of the most creative writers to ever come out of the United States. He wrote a book about the movie "Intuition," and you will see why when you watch it. And, don't forget that Janice is a psychic and is willing to use her intuition to find the answers to his questions. These two friends will keep you guessing and will definitely make you want to watch the movie, which has two major psychics in it.

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