Les chevaliers du fiel dynamitent 2019
Les chevaliers du fiel dynamitent 2019 (2020)

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2020/3/1 N/A min.


Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes, Les Chevaliers Du Fiel is an award-winning film directed by Jean Baptist Mireaux. With a stylish flair for the dramatic, and a wealth of unique visual effects, this film is a definite must see movie. Although it was not at the competition level of films like Invictus or Some Kind of Wonderful (either of which came within a year of its release), Les Chevaliers Du Fiel manages to create an experience that is still highly enjoyable, despite the limited competition it faced. The film's style and the sense of style that dominate it are clearly identifiable - the style and look of the costumes, the set design, even the choice of music (its own theme song was composed by none other than Clint Eastwood), the manner in which the movie is presented is no less than a work of art. The movie is an incredibly bold and original movie, in that it combines elements from different genres of cinema into one very memorable and entertaining film.

Charlaine Harris plays the title role of the titular Les Chevalier, a beautiful young woman in her early twenties. She lives in a small French countryside town with her parents and younger brother, Christian. She attended the local women's college, and upon moving home to take up a job in the local bank, she has a chance to meet and get to know more interesting people. Things start going wrong when she starts spending some money on a dubious product from a salesgirl, and she ends up getting a serious case of amnesia which leaves her with no recollection of the evening she had with the man she was supposed to meet. When the serial killer strikes, Les finds himself faced with the biggest challenge of his life...

The serial killer has been targeting Les since he started targeting women in the small French village, and it's clear from the start that this isn't a man who takes women for granted. He chooses his victims carefully, selecting those that are alone and unattached, and he is quite happy to see them die so that he can take their place. But what really makes him frightening is his anonymity; in fact, Les doesn't even know the identity of the serial killer until the end of the movie. However, he soon realises that he needs to take care of the problem, and so he tracks the killer down and kills him in the name of protecting the women of his town.

The movie progresses chronologically, so we jump forward in time to the next day. We jump right into the investigation of the crime, and as you might expect, the local police are less than impressed with the response of the detective. They believe that Les has been picking on them, and that he may have also killed other people. But Les has other ideas, and he heads out to the local spa where the bodies were found. The serial killer strikes there too, but this time he has one thing on his mind: an enormous sum of money.

The spa owner tries to call in the FBI, but apparently they have no record of any criminals having done business at the establishment. This time, Les uses the services of a private detective, played by Russell Brand. This turns out to be the wrong move, as the suspect has a list of ex-cons that Les has to track down. Eventually, Brand's ex-con son is revealed to be the culprit, and the movie ends with a shoot-out in a hotel room. Just before it can end, however, Les realizes that his ex-con son has a copy of the blank DVD, and he gets his own back by pointing the finger of blame at his old man.

The movie isn't just a random story about a serial killer killing women. It chronicles the progression of a man's emotional and physical relationship with his daughter, played by Julia Ormond. They are both deeply involved in raising their son, and they go through a lot of growing pains while growing up. Les Chambre is very entertaining, and it's well worth seeing just how the two families cop out of their marital problems. I would recommend watching this movie, if you like dramas with a lot of twists and turns.

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