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Life in a Year (2020)

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2020/11/27 107 min.


In this movie, which became immensely popular in 1998, life in a year is seen from the point of view of an online web gamer. The movie begins by showing us the gamer's frustration with having a life that consists only of game-playing. This is because he and his friends spend most of their time playing computer games. The movie then shows us a game called EverQuest, which gives the gamer a chance to explore a fantasy world.

When Daryn finally realises that he cannot spend more time playing the game, he decides to quit. However, when he comes back a month later, he has changed. He has lost all interest in computer games. He now wants to spend his days exploring the wild and mysterious virtual world of the Internet. When his best friend decides to join EverQuest together, Daryn feels that he has to play the game as well.

The whole game of EverQuest is set in the 'retro' world of the early 90s, where the entire society has been transformed into a computer network. EverQuest takes us back in time to the ancient 'Mediterranean' period. Here, players will be able to travel across the map, fight monsters, quest for items and levels, buy and sell different items and develop friendship through in-game trading. This online game has something for everybody, as it can be played alone, with friends and family or it can even be used as a part of online education, where people who may not feel comfortable participating in a traditional classroom setting can use the game as a simulated classroom environment.

EverQuest serie is like an interactive movie. Players can move the camera around the screen using the arrow keys and view a scene through the perspectives of the characters in the game. At certain points in the game, a quest will also appear on the screen, requiring the player to go there and solve the problem before moving on to another area. In addition, certain areas of the game are restricted, and when a player tries to enter a restricted area without having acquired the required skills for the task, he will fail.

EverQuest serie can be a great online pastime activity for the whole family, as there are many different levels to complete. One level is called the Endless Ladder, which will challenge even the most seasoned gamers. There are many other levels that can be attempted as well, ranging from the Tower of spirits to the caves of Altana and down to the plains of Balambi. The maps in this game are extremely large, so one does not have to worry about being stuck somewhere, especially since most servers have a chat system installed to help players find their way around.

One of the best features of this online game is the ability to make your own avatar. You will be able to create a character according to your own design, personality and interests. With your own character, you can take part in all the activities the game has to offer. From fighting other players to building your own farm, you can do it all and customise it to meet your needs. If you think you are up to the challenge, then Life in a Year: The Fantasy Role Playing Game is something you would not want to miss.

Original title Life in a Year
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