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Lost Bullet (2020)

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2020/6/19 92 min.


"Lost Bullet" is an online video from the Delectable Ladies. They are a German porno-movie-production company, who seem to be doing a very good job in producing high quality erotic movies. The newest member of their company "Lethal Secretions" have released a new movie entitled "Lost Bullet".

As you can imagine, the Lost Bullet will most likely be featured in the main menu in Delectable Ladies. Since the title is so similar to the English name of the character "The Lost Bullet", the same name is used in the movie too. It might be a good idea to keep that in mind before trying to open up the links to this site in order to avoid this common mistake.

We are using this online video for review purposes only. We hope it's going to be of some help to you and help you find your way around this new porno-movies' site. In any case, I believe we'll start our review with some background information on the production of this movie.

"Lost Bullet" was directed by a film director called Ingo Moritz. He has previously produced the movie "Bunny Love", starring Dario Argento, which was a huge hit worldwide. In fact, according to IMDB, the movie got more than 3 million views in its first month of release!

During the shooting of this movie, Ingo tried his hands to create a realistic and a thrilling shoot. He really wanted to create a cinematic style that would not only inspire and attract the viewers but also leave them with a feeling of excitement and craving for more! On top of that, he wants this movie to contain his own passion as well as his love for movies.

Another advantage of shooting this movie in real life and creating a realistic setting for the movie was that it allowed Ingo to create scenes that hemight have not been able to do with just his imagination. It became a great playground for him and allowed him to indulge in all the things he wanted to do.

The series is about five women who meet in their own home to discuss and give advice about certain topics such as career and relationships. Each woman comes from different backgrounds, each with different circumstances and goals in life. Each of them has her own perspective and approach to life.

So, let's summarize what I've said about this movie: It is actually one of the best and realistic productions out there today and as you can see from my story, it all started with a real life, film shoot! It is an incredibly exciting and well done movie. If you think you might want to check it out, you should definitely do so.

Original title Balle perdue
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