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An Apocalyptic Love Story 2020/10/16 109 min.


If you have been a lover of horror movies then you must have already known about the movie "Love and Monsters" starring Richard Chamberlain as the evil Dr. Frankenstein. This is a must see for all who love watching the macabre. It is a must watch if you are a fan of horror films as it depicts a real life story of Dr. Frankenstein's work in creating one of the most terrifying creatures that we know.

For those of you who don't know what "Love and Monsters" are about, it is a remake of the original "Love and the Beast" that are based on a famous story of Dr. Frankenstein. The story has been adapted into a story in which a man created a monster out of his love for a woman. In the remake, a man created a beautiful girl out of love for a man who turned into a monster.

Dr. Filipino was the lead character in the movie. He was played by William Frawley as Dr. Frankenstein. Dr. Filipino was also known to be a surgeon who was an expert in the field of surgery. He was not only a surgeon but also a very well rounded surgeon with the skills of a doctor in the field of medicine.

The story revolves around a young American girl called Rose (played by Debra Winger). She is the bride to a rich Spanish man but her relationship with him was never as he desired because he always treated her like a servant. Her mother was an artist but her father was a businessman and she grew up very unhappy growing up.

Eventually Rose married another rich and powerful man, her stepfather. Unfortunately her husband was an alcoholic and this caused a lot of problems in the family and she was no longer able to see the good side of her stepfather.

When Dr. Filipino found out that Rose was having an affair with her stepfather, he tried to get her back from her stepmother. However, Rose got away with a few hours. After that, she was able to convince her stepmother to give her a chance at revenge against Dr. Filipinos, as he was responsible for the creation of her monster. But in the end, Dr. Filipino is defeated by Rose's love and they reconcile.

When I first heard of this remake, I was very intrigued by the premise of how a man created a monster out of his love for a woman. I know that this is not a real medical condition but what if one could make a monster out of love? What would be the implications? Would it not be okay to create the perfect lover for your spouse if you really love him or her?

Love and monsters are a fascinating movie. It is a good romantic comedy that takes a little bit of the old story and gives it a fresh new twist. If you haven't seen this remake, it's worth a look!

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