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2020/2/13 99 min.


Milea: Suara Dari Dilan (One Door Closer) is a movie about two sisters whose mother is dead. Their father never came back from the war and they are taken care of by their grandmother. But after they had a fight with their mother, they can no longer take care of themselves. And so, they decide to work in the city as prostitutes to earn some money.

The movie is directed by Ahmet Kutluk who was also the lead in Majid Darvish: Sadaf, The Man Who Loved Me. He made the movie more interesting by having sex scenes, which were not seen earlier in his movie career.

The movie begins by showing us the different perspectives of the sisters while they are entering the brothel in the beginning. One sister was very much worried as she thought about her younger sister's safety and her future. The second sister was also being very careful, since she didn't want to be caught in a brothel.

However, when they entered the brothel, we see that most of the girls were foreign girls, but they didn't give them any problems. They were treated well by the boys and girls. The story then shifted its attention to the second sister's sexual performance after which she was caught in a compromising position with one of the boys.

After this incident, she starts to fear that she might be found out and forced to perform sex again. This fear made her lose control and she engaged in sex with him. However, he was unaware that she was aware that she would be caught.

As soon as she escaped from the brothel, the police caught her and she was arrested and charged with rape and prostitution. The prosecutor demanded that she be sentenced to death for her crime, but her defense lawyer urged her to plead for a lesser sentence as the incident occurred many years ago.

So, as the prosecution was about to put forth their argument, the brothel scene of the movie came to its conclusion. As the sister had gone to jail, the judge granted her pardon and allowed her to leave the brothel with her grandfather.

The movie concludes with the sisters in jail. But before that, it ended with a bang when the girl died. She died because of a drunken driver who fell asleep while driving.

Original title Milea: Suara dari Dilan
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