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2020/9/29 82 min.


Money Plane is a film about an airline filled with cash. Specifically, the airplane is a bulletproof casino on the top of the world, which has more than a trillion dollars in currency and cocaine on board. The movie, as you probably know, is based on the life of real-life casino magnate Robert Maxwell (Tom Cruise), who was arrested while in possession of millions of dollars' worth of cocaine and illegal currency. As the story unfolds, Maxwell and his associates face serious financial challenges, including the theft of their business and the bankruptcy of their company.

As the film goes on, we find out that the airplane itself has been stolen and that it is going to be shot down. So what happens is that the airplane is to be used by some sort of terrorist organization in a scheme to bring down the United States government. This plot leads the group that is planning to hijack the plane to figure out how to get onto it without being detected, and then they will fly it to a location where they are going to have it brought down. The hijacking is going to be part of a larger scheme involving the CIA, FBI, and other governmental organizations.

To find out more about the film and whether it is any good, I talked with the makers of Money Plane, Jason Blum and Eli Roth. We talked about what they learned from the real-life story, and how the plot in the movie relates to current events. Here's a quick rundown of our conversation:

What you should know about the film is that it was co-written with Jason Blum, who is the writer behind the "X-Men" franchise and several other popular comic book movies. You may have seen him in the past with his own film projects like "Speed", which also had a similar plot. As for what you should expect to see in Money Plane, Blum said that there are a couple of different stories and that the film is more or less a thriller/action hybrid.

Blum said that he was attracted to the storyline of the film because it was something that the entire country can relate to and something that is definitely not "newsworthy" as it pertains to current events. He went on to say that while he has not been able to watch the film, he hopes that it gets great reviews because it's something that people of all ages will enjoy. and that it has a high level of emotional impact. He said that the story and acting in the film were also quite impressive.

The cast and crew in the film include Tom Cruise, who is the main character, and Tom Selleck, and he said that he is not going to do any acting but that he was very excited to be in a part of a film that features a "real life" story. He said that they wanted to make a film that has fun acting, good dialogue, and a lot of suspense.

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