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2020/9/25 85 min.


The film Monsoon has a lot to offer audiences. It is about a young girl, Monsoon, who dreams of becoming a princess. She meets her lifelong sweetheart, Paddy, and becomes the new head of the Paddy's family.

There are many family dynamics in this movie. There are four siblings. They include Monsoon's best friend, Lila, and her mother, Aunt Em, who help the family out financially and who helps her raise Monsoon as a single parent. There is also the other three sisters who have different views and opinions about the decisions Monsoon makes regarding the Paddys' family life.

The movie is directed by Paul Weitzman and features an outstanding cast that includes Debra Messing, John Mahoney, and Robin Williams. The movie is set in a small town called Monsoon, where the Paddys live. Each time the family goes on a picnic, there is always an argument between the three sisters. Monsoon tries to reconcile them but to no avail. Eventually, Monsoon realizes that she needs to learn more about her father, so that she can make better decisions in her family's life.

Monsoon has received great reviews from critics. Movie website Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 95% approval rating. Movie critics were impressed by Monsoon because it manages to tell a compelling story with a complex plot. The storyline is intriguing. Monsoon's dream of being a princess was always present for her. However, this dream became a reality when she fell for her sweetheart, Paddy. Although Monsoon is aware of her responsibilities in her family, she has always wanted to be a part of the Paddy's life.

Movie lovers who love movies and also love to read the reviews can see Monsoon online. Movie enthusiasts can also download the trailers of the movie on the internet. In fact, some people also say that they are watching the trailer to find out more about the storyline of Monsoon before watching the movie.

Some movie lovers even say that this movie will become the next hit when compared with other movies that are in the market today. Although there is no written word about the movie yet, it is already the winner of the award for best Canadian movie. from the popular Canadian film festivals such as the Festival de la Croisade du cinq amoureux and the TIFF.

The movie was also made into a short movie. The movie is very good, and there are many who are impressed by the way it tells its story. The movie has the same suspense and mystery that made the book a best seller. Although the movie is just a twenty-minute short, it manages to keep viewers hooked till the end.

Monsoon is also one of the first movies ever to feature a teenage actress who is in the public eye like Ashley Greene in the lead role. She plays a young girl who is in charge of her family's finances. The movie is also a successful representation of what teenagers go through everyday, so viewers will definitely enjoy the movie.

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