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Behind our world, there is another. 2020/12/3 104 min.


The Monster Hunter series is a series of Monster-fighting video games, originally released for PlayStation 2, later released for PSP in 2004. The games have become a massive hit around the world, selling over a million copies worldwide. In North America alone, the Monster Hunter series has been downloaded over 25 million times. Most of the popularity comes from the online multiplayer aspect of the games, in which two or more players fight against a single opponent, using a variety of weapons and powers to overcome their enemies. Monster Hunter Online is the most recent entry in the Monster Hunter series, and is the most comprehensive online game to be released so far.

Monster Hunter Online is the prequel to the Monster Hunter series. It follows the character, Dracula, as he battles the evil plaguing Europe during the Black Death. This game takes place on an alternate version of Europe in the year 1300, before the plague and other diseases completely devastated the land. Players take on the role of Dracula, who possesses the skills and strength of a great vampire lord, and dutifully protects his beloved human wife, Dracula's daughter, Jadis.

For the game to work, the player must travel to many different regions of Europe. They fight and explore many places, seeking out clues about the whereabouts of the Vampire Lord and his enemies. As in the original Monster Hunter game, the player can use a powerful skill tree to affect their weapons and abilities, though there are many new options available to players as well. Monster Hunter Online features new monster types, as well as many new monsters which the player has to defeat and loot. Different maps are also available online, allowing the player to return to previous areas if they wish to level up or collect more items and weapons.

Monster Hunter Online is the follow-up to the successful Monster Hunter series. The visuals are the same as the original games, but this time around, the graphics are done in high definition. This makes the game look and feel fantastic, as it looks picture perfect. The game itself is still the same as the first games in the series, where the player takes on the roll of a Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter Online brings the franchise into the modern age.

In Monster Hunter Online, the player has to use their own imagination to defeat their enemies and complete the various quests throughout the game. Some of the quests are done on a map board, where the hunter has to find and kill monsters to complete the quest. Other quests are carried out online, where players can communicate with each other through chat. Monster Hunter Online features some of the same basic Monster Hunter themes that the previous games in the series have, such as monster summoning, skill points, and collecting loot.

Monster Hunter Online is one of the most exciting online games today. It is a breath taking game that will surely keep gamers addicted for many hours. Those who haven't played the series before can pick up the game right away and become accustomed to its unique story and exciting gameplay. The game features voiceovers from the various characters in the series, so gamers can hear their character as they interact with the world around them. If you are looking for a new, exciting game to play, then I would definitely recommend playing Monster Hunter Online.

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