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2021/7/8 132 min.


Monsters of Man is the first Korean-Chinese co-production movie that I have ever seen. Six Chinese doctors have to fight for their own lives against a massive weapons system that wiped out an entire village in Northeast Asia. This movie, directed by Park Hye-gi and starring Kim Tae-hoon and Sung Hae-jung, runs on the premise of Oriental mysticism and the CIA.

The movie starts in Seoul where an eccentric Korean-American doctor witnesses the fatal accident that kills his best friend. A robot suddenly appears from the sky and takes over the body of the doctor. The robot then proceeds to take over the government as the new ruler of Seoul. In order to get rid of this threat, the newly established Special Force 9 is assembled. However, the military isn't very sure if they should trust this mysterious stranger, so they station their robotic android, CTU Agent Choong-do, on the lead.

When the evil plot of CTU agent Choong-do comes to fruition, the Chinese agents on the ground in Seoul are suddenly slaughtered. But this doesn't faze the military unit which is on its way to destroy the robotic menace. Meanwhile, the main role of the humans fighting alongside CTU agents in the jungles of Northeast Asia is to protect the innocent civilians who reside in the city. In order to do this, they have to sneak into the military facility. Once inside, the movie takes place under the premise of how these two forces will clash with one another in order to protect the populace of Seoul from the monsters of man.

Park Hye-gi plays the role of the corrupt agent while Sung Hae-jung plays the role of the good scientist. They team up to prevent the worst from happening to the city. I found this movie very thrilling because of the blend of action and romance which were provided by the two lead characters. The story line also kept me guessing till the very end. Monsters of Man is directed by Shimit Amin, who previously worked on the remake of Ghost in the Shell, and choreographed by Kim Ki-hee.

It is evident that this was a well-written and highly engaging movie. The plot is excellent and the acting is commendable. This is not a horror movie but it had some very creepy and weird scenes. Eric Bana plays the role of the monster which was quite convincing as the villain. Eric Bana is no doubt one of the best actors from Los Angeles that is why I am giving this movie a five-star review.

If you are looking for an excellent science fiction thriller, check out the terrific movie called Monsters of Man. The film has excellent acting, special effects, and is a great companion piece to the novel that the author, Mike Dillard, wrote. This is another terrific feature film starring Ed Harris and Angelina Jolie.

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