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2020/10/22 88 min.


"New Order" is the third episode of the first season of Orphan Ship. In this one, Matt Murdock is back in command as the head of the New Order. With a new, rebellious leader at the helm, the New Order begins to target those they consider beneath them in the pecking order. The episodes leading up to "New Order" are some of the most tense and exciting, you'll get as a viewer.

In the opening minutes of the show, we learn that the planet Shaka Zulu has recently been discovered. While studying the natives, scientists discover that they have an unusual ability to telepathically communicate with one another. This communication is through dance, a form of dance that mimics the ancient Nantucket dialect. With the help of the humans and the computers they have developed, the humans decide to convert the telepathic Nantucket dialect into a more modern language, which they call Pashto.

As soon as the New Order arrives on Earth, they immediately take over the capital city of Bloemfontein. The humans believe the aliens will render them completely safe from their rule, but instead they help the humans fight off the invaders. Meanwhile, the evil twins, Maxim and Vixen, plot to take over the government of New Zealand. The humans send a message to the other survivors of the ship to help them in their fight against the New Order. They also warn everyone of what they plan to do if they are unable to protect themselves.

When the virus takes over the city of New York City, everyone is dead. However, because the voice of God was able to reach the survivors in the hidden city, the only way to save them is to go into the caves and shut the doors behind them. However, this proves to be too dangerous as the evil twins attack and kill the humans once they enter the caves. Luckily, Kate saves herself by locking herself in the closet and allowing herself to die.

In the season three premiere, "New Order," we see that the New Order has taken control of the planet Earth. Max is tasked by God to lead the expedition, but he discovers that everyone except him is on board the ship and working to destroy the human race. He then realizes that he must kill Kate and force her to reveal the secret of their service to the New Order. Meanwhile, Kate and Sayid are also caught between the two factions and have to work together to survive.

The writers do an amazing job of building the characters of this futuristic setting. They created complex relationships between all of the characters, while still keeping it realistic. Each character has his or her own motives, beliefs, and fears, but they all worked together to protect the Earth. The series ends with an incredible series of cliff hangers, including "The Day the Earth Stood Still," "New Moon" and "Memories." No doubt the success of the show depends on how well the actors and writers keep the viewers involved.

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