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Night in Paradise (2020)

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2020/9/3 131 min.


Winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Music, Michael Caine's film of the same name is a fascinating tale of loss and redemption. The film is a wonderfully poetic performance by the late Michael Caine and the lateorry Marlin. In many ways, The Game epitomizes the essence of what make movies entertaining to us it's the moments of truth, when we least expect them and when the ride is so good that we just want to come home.

Night in Paradise tells the story of Jeon Heo-Bong, a young South Korean street kid who befriends an American tourist in the country, Jane (Sandra Oh). The young man from poverty lives with his grandmother, who believes that he can make a better life for himself in America. When a string of unfortunate events cause Jeon to lose his job and run out of money, he turns to his only friend, Jane who has faith in him despite everything.

When the pair reunite, they both realize that there are more problems than they initially thought, as crime gangs have taken over Jeon's grandmother's paradise. Now they must fight to keep their once thriving neighborhood in order and face the dangers lying in wait. What makes this movie such a delight to watch is its ability to bring humor and heartache at the same time; as the stakes get higher, the people involved begin to realize that there is little point in dreaming of paradise when the whole world is a battlefield.

Another good thing about Night in Paradise is its cinematography. The movie is shot in a very natural way, with minimal use of computers or CGI. This creates a very real feel, as if the movie were shot in present-day Seoul, instead of Beverly Hills. The cinematography also helps convey the dreamlike quality of the story, as it creates the feeling that the people living in Jeon's apartment know what they are doing even as they enjoy their lives. This creates a captivating and dreamlike atmosphere, one that most viewers will find incredibly relaxing.

Aside from its unique story, Night in Paradise is also a great movie for those looking for something gritty and dark, like a movie about murder, mayhem, and revenge. Jeon's murder is one of the most realistic and well filmed sequences I have ever seen in a Korean movie. When the bad guy kills off his victim with a sniper-style move that involves a slow-motion death, the viewer is left craving for more action. Adding to the realism is the fact that the lead character, Jeon Min-ho, is played by an incredibly talented actor in his own right, Park Hoon-jung.

Night in Paradise is not only a great movie, but it is a movie that has very few flaws. The movie runs for an hour-and-a-half, and there are a few brief clips that do run on the length. Overall, Night in Paradise is a definite must-see movie, especially for those who have never seen Korean movies before. It is completely different from the typical Korean film that most audiences are used to seeing and it will leave you craving for more of the same from this award-winning director and star. Night in Paradise is truly a must-see movie...

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