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No Good Deed (2020)

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2020/3/13 N/A min.


"No Good Deed" is the latest short movie by Greg Garcia. It is a hilarious look at the Internet, dating and relationships. I thought it was going to be just another "bathtub ring turning into a romantic game show". It is not, and I bet you didn't know that either!

No Good Deed follows two online daters who get married but before they do they have an unplanned and unsuccessful meeting. Their friends tease them and embarrass them. One of them finally decides to marry her online because she realizes how easy it would be compared to real wedding planning. Things go well until one of them cheats on her. Now they must try to repair their relationship while still trying to keep their new life online.

I enjoyed this movie immensely. The storyline kept me laughing from start to finish. The dialogues were hilarious too. I found myself laughing when for example one of the characters said, "You shouldn't have to sacrifice your happiness to find someone to love you" Another character responded, "I do not wish to lose control of my mind." I couldn't help laughing when another character said, "You must be willing to risk everything for love" and his response was, "For your health, for your sanity and for the children." I especially laughed when one of the characters suggested that the answer is "Yes, you should do anything to get what you want."

Most people watching this movie are probably single or soon to be single. It is a great romantic comedy for people looking for a little drama with a dose of humor. I especially like the fact that this movie doesn't sugar coat the realities of online dating and marriage. There are some wild and sometimes inappropriate things that can and do happen on online dating websites.

People who are involved in online affairs sometimes have to deal with cyber stalkers and other individuals that prey on lonely hearts. There are many dangers to having an online affair. This is why making sure your safety concerns are addressed is absolutely necessary.

The movie ended with the couple happily ever after. No Good Deed is not the message that I would have been hoping for. This movie could have been a little more upbeat and funny. However, it is still a very positive and uplifting message for single people and those dating online. It's a perfect ending for an otherwise depressing movie.

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