One Night in Bangkok
One Night in Bangkok (2020)

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Six Hours. Five Hits. Who Will Survive? 2020/8/25 105 min.


One Night in Bangkok is the latest film from Sergie Briton. It is a comedy starring Ben Kingsley and Scarlett Johansson. I was looking forward to seeing this one, but I'm glad that it wasn't released until now.

The movie begins with an introductory monologue by Sergie Briton, who plays the lead role of a man named Nicky Barnes. Nicky is a thirty-two-year-old American expat who has settled in Bangkok, Thailand. He and his wife have two children, Lily (Sharon Stone) and Sam (Joe Mantegna). Lily and Sam's mother, Karen (Carla Bruni), also came to live in Bangkok. Nicky and Karen soon become good friends, so when Lily decides to travel to Japan on business she packs her bags for a short trip.

In Thailand Nicky goes to buy a used car. Lily gets upset because the car doesn't work, so they try to fix it on their own. Lily falls asleep while working on the car, and Nicky wakes her up in the middle of the night. They begin to argue about their plans, so they argue over dinner. At dinner both Lily and Nicky argue about what they want to do, Lily wants to go to Japan and Nicky wants to take Lily to a restaurant, where she met her husband and he has another daughter.

Eventually Lily realizes that Nicky has changed since their last meeting. He has lost interest in her and the relationship has come to a standstill. When Lily tries to apologize for making him angry in the past, he tells her not to bother him again. However, after they both have had time to cool off, Lily begins to feel guilty for the last time, which makes her more depressed. However, the next day at work Nicky tells her he loves her and he hopes that she can make a mistake today, because the day before, she made one big mistake.

The next day they go to a restaurant, but Lily falls asleep while Sam waits for her. Sam, however, notices that something is wrong, so she leaves immediately. On the way out the door, Lily falls asleep on the sidewalk and hits her head on a rock. As she sleeps, her head snaps back in and she passes out. Her husband picks her up in her arms and drives her to an ambulance, where she passes away.

This movie focuses on two lives, Nicky's and Lily's, so there are only two endings for each. I liked the ending that the end credits start playing at the same time as the beginning.

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